10 Beautiful Pregnant Celebrities Who Wowed The World With Their Beauty

There is no doubt that almost all the women wait around for that when they will be granted with the tag of being mother. Getting pregnant is one of the greatest wish of all the women and is one of the biggest joys as well. Although it is not necessary that the women need to be a celebrity for getting pregnant! But still if the celebrity gets pregnant then she surely gets the maximum limelight attention and many best wishes from her fans all over the world.

There are many famous celebrities in the film world whose little news about the pregnancy as created huge buzz all over the world. In the below article we are going to mention the names of 10 beautiful pregnant celebrities who wowed the world with their beauty.


1.      Aishwarya Rai Bachchan:

On the very first we have one of the most beautiful women in india Aishwarya Rai Bachan. She is crowned with Miss World that makes her one of the beautiful women in the whole world. In the beginning of her expectation it has been said that the actress might do the treatment for getting the twins but it was just the rumors. In the pictures besides being overweight she is looking exceptional beautiful with the baby bump.

2.      Victoria Bekham:

On the second we have Victoria Beckham. When we talk about the pregnancy and style together then we always mention about the Hollywood stars. They fully know that how to maintain their style along with the fattiness of the pregnancy. Victoria is one of such Hollywood stars that have never hesitated in flaunting their pregnant body in front of the media.

3.      Lara Dutta Bhupathi:

On the third we another beauty queen named as Lara Dutta! She was crowned with the Miss Universe crown. Lara Dutta has each single time look out as stunning while flaunting her baby bump in the public. She has even managed to reduce her overweight in minimum time period after the birth of baby.

4.      Jennifer Lopez:

Jennifer Lopez is one of the well known singers in Hollywood. She remained much in news because of her pregnancy. She has maintained her style statements even during the pregnancy by flaunting her body and baby bump with the right type of the clothes.

5.      Konkona Sen Sharma:

On the fifth we have one of the talented Bengali bollywood actress named as Konkana Sen Sharma. In the picture she seems like very much depressed with her pregnancy as with the no makeup and messy hair style. It seem like she has been quite troubled with the pregnancy news in the media.

6.      Padma Lakshmi:

Padma Lakshmi is one of the most famous Top Chef Judge! In the picture she is looking extreme fashionable and stylish as she is enjoying the 6 month of her pregnancy. It definitely takes many efforts to offer the right type of the clothing and hairstyle for making the public appearances along with the baby bump. But Padma Lakshmi knows this magic very well!

7.      Karishma Kapoor:

On the seventh we have Karishma Kapoor as one of the biggest bollywood actresses. In the picture the actress is seen as dressed herself in white frock in which she is hiding her baby bump with the veil. Pregnant women should always look simple and elegant stunning and this actress is surely giving the perfect example of it.

8.      Sarah Michelle Gellar:

On the eighth we have the beauty celebrity named as Sarah Michelle Gellar. This lady has been perfectly hiding her baby bump in the public appearance. There are very less number of women that would never want to hide their baby bump but this lady has been making herself stylish in the baby bump as well.

9.      Amrita Arora:

On the ninth we will going to mention about Amrita Arora. This actress has given many public appearances during her pregnancy time period. She has all the time highlighted herself in simple and traditional avatar by hiding the baby bump. Her fresh and glowing face reveals that she is feeling herself lucky as being the mother.

10.  Angelina Jolie:

On the last we have the most beautiful women on the planet Angelina Jolie. This actress has been dressed in long gown along with her husband Brad Pitt. She is looking exceptionally eye catching in the picture as she is looking amazing with the little baby bump along with some overweight.

So these were some of the beautiful celebrities that wowed the world with their pregnancy news. We hope that you would have enjoyed reading this article for sure!

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