10 Best Places in Southern California for Wedding Photography

It might seem that Southern California is chock full of ideal wedding photography venues. After all, this is a region with many parks and recreation areas, beautiful and dramatic natural locations, and a long list of popular sites or historic settings. However, there are certain criteria that all wedding photography venues should pass, and that means that some spots are quickly eliminated from the list. This is why you really have to work with your wedding photographer long ahead of the “big day”. You don’t want to wait until a week or two before the wedding to start informing the photographer of the different locations you would like your photographs to be done, and then here how these are not good choices, not viable, or entirely out of the question. Wedding Photography in Southern California While it is true that a professional wedding photographer who really knows their “stuff” can usually make good shots in any setting, it is best to choose from the very best wedding photography venues in order to be sure that everything comes out just right. There are far too many stories of people who dislike looking through their wedding albums because the light or the overall “ambience” of the wedding photography venues they selected just didn’t work. wedding photographs Remember too that you want to carefully choose wedding photography venues ahead of time when you or the wedding photographer are based somewhere else. For example, you might read that a certain park or garden is “the” place for romantic wedding shots. In the days before the wedding, however, you might travel to the area with the photographer only to discover that the spot is really only a “seasonal” venue and not all that appropriate for your date.

The Top Ten Places to Shoot Wedding Photos in Southern California.

The region identified as “Southern California” tends to stretch from Santa Barbara down to the Mexico border and then inland along the Arizona and Nevada borders. That means the cities of Los Angeles and San Diego are included in the region as well as a few smaller cities such as San Bernardino, Bakersfield, Ventura, and San Luis Obispo. Wedding Photography in US That’s a lot of territory and a lot of different types of landscapes. The geography includes desert as well as coastal areas, but in general, you can count on bright and sunny conditions, warmer weather, and many different settings. wedding photography A general list of places or wedding photography venues would include “natural” locations, formal gardens or parks, and historic or popular buildings. So, with all of that in mind, let’s take a look at some really great picks:

  1. When asked which wedding photography venue is best in all of Orange County, most photographers immediately say “Laguna Beach”. However, it is a very large area, and so it is not unusual for people to choose a specific spot. One of the most popular for wedding and engagement work is the Montage Resort. Here you get panoramic shots of the ocean and have access to Three Arch Bay too.
  2. Rancho Las Lomas is in Silverado and here you can enjoy botanical gardens and even giant Sycamores that create breathtaking backdrops for wedding photography sessions.
  3. For anyone looking for a unique “backdrop”, the entire downtown portion of San Juan Capistrano is also very popular. This features an old train station and is known for being a “mission” town with lots of colorful architecture. There is also a very sweet petting zoo in town popular with “love birds”. Casper’s Wilderness Park is another “hot spot” for wedding shots too.
  4. Fullerton is home to the Fullerton Arboretum, and if you are lucky enough to wed when their lavender fields are in bloom, you can get some of the most enchanting wedding day images imaginable.
  5. Long Beach is another hot spot with multiple places to work as ideal wedding photography venues. There is the Earl Burns Miller Japanese Gardens at California State University, which is a lush and peaceful location for the entire wedding day event or just for photos. There is also Shoreline Village that features a lot of charming spots and even a few of the Queen Mary or a nearby lighthouse.
  6. Newport Beach is another beach with multiple locations popular for weddings and engagement sessions. Your wedding photographer can take you to Corona Del Mar and capture you in beautiful shots at “Little Corona Del Mar” or with the jetties of Newport Beach at Inspiration Point Park. You can also pose at Balboa Peninsula, Crystal Cove, and “The Wedge” here too.
  7. Santa Ana has an Art District that makes for an incredibly fun and funky setting. With a wide array of hip and trendy backgrounds, a creative couple could have a lot of fun with their wedding day photography. Of course, an artsy couple might also prefer the Museum of Contemporary Art in San Diego instead.
  8. Malibu is a town with a lot of possibilities. There is the Malibu Bluffs State Recreation area that offers up a lot of scenic beauty, but there is also the Adamson House in the area too. This is a park like home that has beach access and lush gardens.
  9. Seal Beach is an old-fashioned setting often quiet and empty, and it even has an old wooden pier!
  10. Disneyland is becoming another popular location for Southern California wedding photography, but do be aware that you need to make proper arrangements if you want to get the best results.

Wedding Photography of Brides As you can see, there is an ample array of options for wedding day photography in Southern California. The key is to consider your wedding theme, and which spots best reflect the two of you as a couple – play land or private beach? It’s your day, and your call. Author Bio: Michael Tsao is a professional wedding photographer currently working in Orange County California. He is also responsible for artistically composing the shots and processing the images.

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