The 10 Most Common Type of Husbands You Will Find

You find types in everything today. There isn’t a thing that you won’t find a category about. Even sacrilegious prospect like marriage can be categorized to classify husbands. This is where I will list down the most common type of husbands we find in the world. Check out the list and perhaps you’ll find a type to classify your husband as and maybe this will make you understand him better and save your marriage from going on the rocks.

Common Type of Husbands

Type No.1: The Bachelor Husband

This type of husbands is committed to doing everything on their own. They do not consult their wives or stop to ask for their opinion on just about anything. This type of husbands actually prefers hanging out with friends more than their wives. There isn’t anything serious that they will consider about their marriage life.

Type No.2: Acidic Husband

Husbands in this category are always boiling and burning like concentrated acid. They are always angry, violent and very moody. These husbands are very dangerous and quite dominating as well.

Type No.3: Slave Husband

These husbands actually treat their wives like a slave and want to be treated like a king themselves. These husbands want their wives to act on all traditions and customs and they don’t even want to be called by their first names by their wives.

Type No.4: General Husband

This type of husbands is commonly found everywhere. These husbands have girlfriends and they care more about their girlfriends as compared to their wives. They like spending, but not on their wives. Their center of affection is their girlfriends and their hordes of female friends.

Type No.5: Dry Husband

These husbands are very stingy and absolutely moody. They don’t even consider their wives’ emotions and relationship with them is very dry. These husbands have no sense of humor whatsoever and life with them is as dry as hay.

Type No.6: Panadol Husband

For them, their wives are the problem solver. They only love their wives whenever they want something from her. This type of husbands is very clever and they manipulate their wives. They, in fact, capitalize on the weakness of their wives and only get relief from her.

Type No.7: Parasite Husband

These husbands usually have bad finances of their own and love wives whenever they need money. They often use their wife’s money on their girlfriends and don’t even help around the house with responsibilities.

Type No.8: Baby Husband

These husbands are childish and they act like they can’t take major decisions without consulting their mothers or their close relatives. They always make comparisons and run to relatives if something goes bad.

Type No.9: Visiting Husband

These husbands don’t have time for family at all. They come home as a visitor only and provide everything for them except for love and care.

Type No.10: Caring Husband

These husbands are very caring and very loving. They provide for material and emotional needs for their wives and family. They take up on responsibilities, treat wife as an equal partner, help around the house and are very loving.

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