1900`s Favourite Stalin’s Car Pics

The first armored car of upper class for the Soviet party-governmental elite was made in the end of 1940s at the automobile plant n.a. Stalin, later renamed after Likhachov.

The armored car ZIS-115 was produced in 1946-47. All in all there were manufactured about 32 copies of such limousines. The main person this car was made for was Joseph Stalin.

In fact ZIS-115 does not differ much from its prototype ZIS-110, but it has a central fog lamp, two special alarm lights, larger tires without white sides, a big cut of a rear wing from outer side for big wheelsmounting and “cloud” window glasses.


Thickness of the glasses in ZIS-115 reaches 7,5cm. 6 meters -long limo weighing 4280 kg could make 120 km/h, however fuel consumption was crazy: 27,5 l per 100 km.


ZIS-115 was armored in a special way. Armor protection was called “armor capsule” and represented a sole armor cover, sheathed with body panels from outside.


Selectively ZIS-115 cars were equipped with air conditioners.


Stalin never used one car two days running. He constantly changed cars and tangled routes.


Drivers were always very nervous. But they always had “a green light” on their way.



By now there has been over a long process of restoration of a rarest armor limo in a shop “Retromechanica”. Experts assert only this ZIS-115 to be the last one of those who conveyed “The Soviet Leader”.


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