5 Fastest Animals In The World

Are you looking for the top five fastest animals in the world? You might know tiger as one of the fastest animals in the world but still there are many animals as well that are even known for their fastest running speed as well. In the below article we will be highlighting the names of the top five fastest animals in the world. We are sure that this article will going to be much informative for the small children.


1.      CHEETAH:

On the very first we have Cheetah. This animal is one of the top fastest animals in the world. This animal is said to be so fastest ones that it can easily cover the one mile of the distance at the speed of 70 to 75 mph. He can cover many kilometers of the distance in just few seconds. This animal is even fast in catching his prey as well. In just 30 minutes he can take hold over 2 prey for the daily meals.


On the second we have the Red Dragonfly. This animal is one of the fastest animals in UK and is even known as Devils Darning Needle as well. The top speed of this animal is almost 20-40 mph. there are countless species that are found within the Red Dragonfly and their speed even varied accordingly as well. These are the fastest species in the planet and almost 225 species are found in Texas.


On the third we have the leatherback turtle. Turtles are known as one of the slowest animals but still this turtle is one of the fastest in speed. It can move in water at the speed of 22mph. these turtles have the hydrodynamic body that give them the power for moving in the water.

4.      SAILFISH:

On the fourth we will mention about Sailfish. This fish is not the fastest only but is also one of the beautiful fishes as well. It is generally found on the oceans that are warm water ones. Sailfish just have the two species as one is maximum 5 feet long and the second one is 10 feet. The speed of the Sailfish has been recorded as 70 mph.


On the last we have Peregrine Falcon. This bird is quite beautiful looking and is even one of the fastest as well. In the air it catches the prey by ambushing it. It has been over 200 mph during the time of hunting.

So these were the five fastest animals in the world. We are sure that after reading about all of these animals you will wish to view put all of them just once.

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