5 Kinds of Nosy Neighbors Found Everywhere

The most pathetic downside to living in an apartment or a condominium is the fact that you are in very close proximity to other human beings. And the worst part of this is, most of them suck! Well, it’s basic law of nature. Out of the 50 people you are living with or close by, about 48 of them are definitely going to suck big time! Although good manners teach us to be friendly and helpful to our neighbors and maintain an amicable relationship with them at all times, what do you do when there are certain people who don’t stop at anything other than driving you completely insane?

Stupid Neighbors with Stupid Names for their Wi-Fi

There are people who have named their Wi-Fi like NSA and God and what not. Like, really, NSA? The FBI surveillance van is nearby and should we think they are spying on us? Whose idea of a practical joke is this anyway? Seriously, such stupid neighbors with nosy kids and pathetic Wi-Fi names don’t fail to piss me off every time.

Neighbors with Blasting Speakers on a Weeknight

Then there are people who will blast their speakers with pathetic rock and metal on weeknights. There you are, trying to get some sleep for a change because the kids are already down for the night or you just got lucky today, but then these good-for-nothing stupid teenage neighbors you have next door have taken to blasting music, pathetic choice of course, right in the middle of the night and with no possible explanation on earth!

Chronic Complaining Neighbor

There is one everywhere you go. This chronic complainer will definitely have something or the other to complain about, no matter what you do. Whether it’s a little loud music on a weekend or you have friends over for drinks or dinner, this chronic complainer of a neighbor will be found on your doorstep, ringing your bell and telling you how what you are doing is a source of inconvenience to them and they’ll appreciate if you could just do something about it that very instant.

Neighbors with a Big Nose

Because their nose is big, they poke it in all your matters. They will keep an eye on your timings, the kind of people you hang out with, those coming and going from your house and a lot of other activities you carry out at your home within the confines of the four walls. Because of their big nose, they smell your activity and make it their own business to know about it. Such neighbors are a bane of our lives!

Those with Nosy Kids

Then there are neighbors with nosy kids, who end up playing outside your space and destroy your little attempts at keeping your area clean or green. These neighbors have children who would have been better off at reform school. And the sad part is, almost everywhere you go, you will find a couple with ill-mannered, reform school-eligible children living right next to you.

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