5 Types Of Eyeliner Brushes And Their Uses

When we talk about one of the most complicated makeup product in application then we always take the name of eye linear brushes. They are actually said to be one of the trickiest ones for the women. Some of the women often make the choice of getting the attached eyeliner brushes. There are different kinds and shapes of brushes for the eyes makeup. Some are straight, some are cat eye liners and some make the use of winged eyeliner as well. But however for giving the perfect lining the ideal ones would be Angled Brush.

In the below article we will going to highlight out some of the top renowned and popular types of the eyeliner brushes. In addition we would even be highlighting their proper uses as well.


1.      Eyeliner Brush:

On the first we are talking about the Eyeliner brush. This brush is used in the normal routine during the makeup. It is slim and sparse tipped brush that is quite useful in drawing thin lines. If you are making the choice of this brush for using the thick lining of eyes then you are making biggest mistake. This eyeliner brush is not suitable for drawing the curved lining on the eyes.

2.      Dome Shaped Semi Flat Brush:

On the second we will mention the name of Dome Shaped Semi Flat Brush. If the women are applying the fake eye lashes then drawing the eye liner would be quite simple with these eye liners. This eye liner is slightly dense that allow the women to draw the lining in quite ideal and curved manner.

3.      Angled Bent Eyeliner Brush:

On the third list we have the name of Angled Bent eyeliner Brush. This eye liner has been little bit thin that is actually makes it feel like no eye liner. Its brush to suitable for the wringed eye liner that allows the women to give away the curbed and wing image to their eyes.

4.      Flat Angled Tip Brush:

On the fourth list we will come across with the Flat Angled Tip Brush. This brush is often quite suitable in drawing the slant lines and even the tight lines as well. This brush is accessible in wide varieties of angles adding out with Small Angled, Medium Angled and Large Angled Brushes.

5.      Flat Tip Brush:

On the fifth and last we have Flat tip Brush. This brush would be ideal for all those women who wish to draw straight lines for the eyes beauty. Normally straight lines make the eyes look much prominent and noticeable for others.

So these were the five best and important types of the eyeliner brushes and their uses. So always keep your mind filled with all such types before making the choice of any of the perfect eyeliner brush. We are sure that you will going to find the application smooth and effortless in application.

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