5 Weird And Beautiful Pictures

Do you love capturing the stunning looking sights in your camera? Well there are very few of the people that have some passion for doing the cinematography. Sometimes your eyes capture some amazing scenes and you wish that you capture it in your camera as well. There are many surprising and amazing things that happen in every single hook and corner of the world. Have you ever think about collecting some of those pictures that are weird looking but at the same time they appear as beautiful for your eyes too? Well if not then you must think about it right now! In this article we will going to share top five pictures that are weird an beautiful.


1.      In the very first picture we can see a monkey who is feeding a pub. This picture surely reveals that the humanity can also be capture in the animals as well. Although in view this picture would be much weird for the majority of the people but in reality it seems out to be the most beautiful picture in the world. This picture has been taken from Crocodile Farm at Bangkok Zoo. This picture gives the message of love, care and compassion.

2.      This second picture has been taken from the Military Frogmen Practice. In first look it seem like all of them are little plastic puppets but in reality they all are small children. This picture was taken on the National Day of Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall in Taipei. This is a rare moment of momentum and togetherness.

3.      This third picture is quite interesting but at the same time horrifying as well. This picture is basically implicating out the volcano eruption. This picture is appearing out to be the monster for the watchers. This picture disaster was happened on 28th March during the volcano eruption.

4.      This fourth picture has been taken from the Swiss Mountain Resort at St. Moritz. In this picture it can be view that a person is standing on the cable wire at the height of 3303 to 9908 feet. In first view it seem like the sense of getting crazy but this is actually making yourself stronger and powerful.

5.      This last and final picture has been taken by the Switzerland photographer Denis Balibouse. In this picture he has captured himself under the full moon in cold weather of mountains and views himself using the computer.

So these were the five best and beautiful but weird pictures. We are sure that you would taken fun from watching these pictures and getting information about them.

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