6 Amazing and Wonderful Benefits of Being Single

As far as I have experienced and as far as my belief goes, people who are in a long term relationship do get miserable at one point of time or another. True, it’s great when you have someone to turn to and cuddle with at night, but long term relationships are also very inconvenient. If you don’t believe me, check out these amazing benefits of being single and you’ll agree with me straight away.

6 Benefits of Being Single

1. You can travel whenever you like

Whenever a whim strikes, just pack your bags and head wherever you want to. Imagine if you have a partner, how would he/she react to your whim? They certainly wouldn’t be happy or they will need time to make adjustments according to your plan. And also if you don’t have them included in your decision, you will have to go through a big melodrama. Single people, however, have the benefit and freedom to travel whenever and wherever they like without any hesitation. If you happen to be a vagabond at heart, you ought to be single.

2. Flirt without fear

One of the best benefits of being single, you can flirt without any fear or hesitation. If you are in a relationship, even innocent flirting can lead to a very inconvenient situation. If you partner is insecure, you’ll definitely have a terrible confrontation up your sleeve. If you like to flirt or you can’t help your nature, singlehood it is for you.

3. You can focus on yourself

Often, people tend to get relaxed and complacent when in a relationship. People even stop caring about themselves. According to a survey in UK, 62% of people in a relationship gained significant amount of weight because they stopped focusing on themselves. The gain can be a result of date-night activities, but certainly being single gives you all the time in the world to concentrate on yourself and get back in shape.

4. You can save a lot of time

Being in a relationship means you have to stay in touch. And perhaps you end up wasting a lot of significant time texting which you could otherwise spend in something productive. Without constant communication, a lot of people in a relationship tend to get anxious. If you want to invest your time into something more productive, perhaps you should focus on being single.

5. You can sleep in peace

Although cuddling is missing here, it can be very difficult and inconvenient to sleep with another person if they snore or do something annoying while sleeping. If you really know that feeling, this might be another of the benefits of being single for you.

6. You can be more self-reliant

Love and dependency that comes with relationships is chaotic. Passionate feelings cannot be silenced so easily and in case you get into a breakup, you become devastated; unable to function. So if you want to avoid those feelings and vulnerability, then singlehood is for you.

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