7 Essential Beauty Tips For Girls Who Travel A Lot

Happiness is a trip to Goa with friends when you keep rolling down the sand letting the breeze brush against your cheek and your hair following the direction of the wind. Your quest for peace and tranquility gets quenched through travelling and those who travel are a lot wiser. Travelling reinforces harmony in your senses. While your inner self is at peace through travelling, your surface loses control. Surface here in question is your skin and hair. Climate fluctuation, altitude changes, UV rays, water and air inconsistencies and a lot of other factors amount to major damage to your skin and hair. So, to ensure you have a blissful travel with equally blissful memories, let’s shave off the worries of chapped and sunburnt skin and dry and damaged hair. Here are some tips you might want to have a look at.

  1. Drink a lot of water: India suffers from a shortage of loo and that’s pretty prominent in long road routes. However, otherwise, if you are planning on flying or anything that offers you a loo clean enough to use, do not skip on your water intake. The major challenge of your skin during travelling is being hydrated. Hydrated skin is healthy skin and dried out skin leads to a lot of unpleasant things happening to your skin.
  2. Stock up onMoisturizer: You need a lot of it if you are a frequent traveler for similar reasons stated above. Keeping your skin moisturized will help you fend off a lot of unwanted damage. Get a travel size lotion­ – a good one from a reliable brand and store– and do not ignore other body parts while moisturizing. Especially, lips. Most people tend to moisturize their face and lips ignoring their hands and feet. Apply moisturizer generously all over at least 20 minutes before you go out so that your skin soaks it before you step out in dust and pollution.
  3. Never miss your sunscreen: Spending the entire day on a beach is cool but dealing with an unpleasantly tanned skin for months to follow? Not cool. It’s not just about beach, but every time you step out under the scorching sun, even for 2 minutes, your skin needs sunscreen. Forget a sunny day, you need a sunscreen every time you step out be it in winters, autumn or rain or summer. A decent sunscreen from a trusted brand is a must have for every girl and its significance just doubles in the case of a frequent traveler.
  4. Skip the Foundation: If you are traveling on long routes, it is suggested to travel without makeup because it’s unhealthy to sleep with your makeup on. Apply a tinted moisturizer before you land at your destination to ensure you look presentable. However, if you are hesitant about leaving without your foundation on, do not forget to use the primer as without it, your makeup mightnot last long and by the time you prepare to reach, your skin will start looking patchy. Primer not just helps your makeup stay longer, it gives a layer between your skin and makeup not letting the harmful effects of makeup reach your skin preventing it from dehydration. Most importantly, choose your foundation wisely and get it from a trusted store.
  5. Befriend wipes: Do not let your skin defy your control over it while travelling. Keep face wipes from trusted brands like Dermalogica and H2O+ or affordable versions like Inglot always while traveling so that you get to blot the oil out of your skin every time it gets secreted in the excess. Wipes will help your skin stay hydrated while removing the extra oil that can lead to break outs.
  6. Use a little fragrance to keep you fresh: Traveling is not always fun. At times, it gets dull and dismal. To keep your spirits high, use a little perfume that keeps your senses awake and does not let you feel worn out. However, be considerate of your fellow travelers and wear only that much that keeps you awake and does not become a reason of headache for others. Choose fresh fragrances with subtle whiff.
  7. Avoid shampooing in hard water: If your destination is a place where tap water is hard or salty, avoid washing your hair. Try a dry shampoo instead. It makes greasy hair look presentable and makes you feel fresh. L’Oréal professional is a brand to be trusted with for dry shampoos. Also, try tying your hair up whenever you leave out in dust, pollution or sun. If your destination is a cold place, your tresses are most likely to fall and dry out. Oil them in such cases with light hair oils or serums.

Taking care of your skin and hair while traveling brings a lot of satisfaction after your trip ends as it saves you a lot of time and effort trying to get back on track curing the damage caused. Choosing products for such care is definitely a hectic task especially if you are lacking time. However, in such situations, online stores are a boon. With wide variety of selections available online, you can go about choosing just the right product while staying assured of the reliability of the brandsyou buy.Nykaa’s online beauty products are an example of convenience and reliance for people who have no time to go out on stores and buy products every other time they head to their next journey. After all,relying on online cosmetic and skin care stores is a lot better than trusting a local vendor.



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