8 Unconventional iPhone Cases You Have Never Seen Before

8 Unconventional iPhone Cases

We have gathered a collection of 8 unconventional iPhone cases that you have never seen before. Scroll down to take a look at these beautiful and amazing iPhone cases.

01. SNAP! iPhone Case

Snap! is a case for you if you are into photography. The case has a working shutter button. It also allows you to mount your iPhone on a tripod so you can start taking pictures.

 02. Omniscient Siri 3D iPhone Case

This case has been featured a lot of times because the Saga design has created it for a 3D printed iPhone 5 case competition.

03. Meet Peel – The Super Thin iPhone Case

This case is very thin, it’s barely there and very hard to notice. It’s just 0.35 mm in thickness. This is the perfect case for you if you love how your original iPhone design looks like. This is just perfect for everyone. The case can be bought at around $20.

04. iPhone 5 Mophie Juice Pack Helium

I would highly recommend this case for heavy users of their iPhones. This case can boost your battery life for long hours. This will carry an additional 80% more battery for your iPhone.

05. Gizmon iCA iPhone 5 Case

Innovation and ingenuity in design are things that make the best product. The all popular Gizmo ICA phones casing is now made perfectly compatible with iPhone 5.

06. Coin 4 iPhone 4 Case

In this ingenious iPhone protective case it takes advantage in using your spare change as a case stand. The case has grooves at the back lined in different angles.

07. Case Scenario x Pantone Universe iPhone Bookcase

Two heads are always better than one. So when two creative designers decided to put up a design for an iPhone 5 case, Panton Universe and Case Scenario come up with this bookcase inspired case.

08. 4th Design Trigger Titanium iPhone 5 Case

This rugged looking design for iPhone 5 case has toughness written all over it. It is light in weight and has been made of titanium for total protection. The whole case is consisted of 10 separate pieces which you have to put together.

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