How to Achieve Goals If You Are an Artist

An artist tends to analyze things around him whether it be a video, scenery or anything that pops up suddenly. The thing with artists is that they tend to create the objects they see around them, and want to work their skill to achieve goals. The one thing that stops an artist from getting what he wants is giving up midway. Why does that happen? We take a look at the 5 major reasons of why people give up on things they are extremely hyped up about initially.

Achieve Goals for Artists


Impatience is the biggest hurdle in an innovative creation. As an artist, one would want to get immediate results. The moment you create a draft or a sketch, you want it to bear the amazing results that you have dreamed of for the project. It tends to happen voluntarily as everyone wants to feel amazed and content with their work and find quick results. But real life does not work in this manner; quick results do not come. You will have to wait some time for your rough sketch to make transition and become the greatest piece of art, all in due time.

Time Management

Time management is the key to success in every project. Not working enough on a project will keep you from achieving the success while working extra hours without a break can be detrimental to your productivity and thinking skills.

Working less will never help to achieve goals. There are mostly deadlines to meet on a project, especially for the professionals, and not coming up with the final product by the due date will make the project useless and result in rejection.

On the other hand, if you work extremely hard and ignore all kinds of breaks and relaxation, you might end up getting exhausted and tired. Your creativity will suffer greatly and you will not be able to think straight which may reduce the chances of creating a masterpiece, or even completing the project at all.

The key is to keep a balance in life between work and rest. One must work hard but take regular breaks to stay fresh and healthy. Time management is the key to achieve goals.


Knowing what is expected of you from the project is integral to completing the task at hand. At times, one can get into something that is too big for a single person and cannot be accomplished alone. It is imperative that before starting a project, you need to be aware of what is needed of you, what the expectations are and what should be the final outcome. It helps in remaining on track and to achieve goals.


Getting distracted from work is very common. You might end up getting distracted by something during the project that may hinder its completion and perfection. There may be several sources of distraction, different for different people. Some get distracted by noise, some by TV, while internet is also a major source of distraction. The only way to keep yourself on track and stay motivated is to adhere to your goals, have the will power to overcome distractions and work with diligence.

Fear of Failure

The sense of failing the project can be disastrous for an artist. It eliminates determination and motivation and leads to fear, hopelessness and caution. These factors reduce the creativity of the project and hence chances of failure increase. One needs to be brave and confident about their project and have belief in their abilities to achieve the desired goals from the project. It is just a frame of mind which needs to be overcome.

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