Add Style To Your Bathroom Without Spending A Fortunet !

Add Style to your Bathroom without Spending a Fortune!

In modern days, bathrooms have become a sanctuary for many. If you have a big family with kids, friends of kids, spouses, kid’s friends, pets etc. running up and down the halls or constantly demanding your attention, the bathroom may be the last place in the house you can escape to and remain undisturbed for a while. Hence, as your bathroom is now your constant companion, you might as well make it a pleasant place to live in. In today’s world what we see are jetted bathtubs, steam showers, saunas, Jacuzzi’s and other high end spa-like features in upscale neighborhoods like DHA & Bahria Town, according to However, the stark reality remains that most of us cannot afford these luxuries, but at the same time we can lux up the bathrooms without spending thousands of dollars!

Following is a list of things which will get you started:

  • Add a New Accessory: Sometimes just by changing one or two things, can massively impact the overall look of the room. For instance, swap your stainless steel taps with gold taps or maybe add retro-style taps which will instantly transform a modern bathroom, into something all the more classic. Or you can change other accessories such as color coordinate towels with floor mats, tissue boxes, and holders. So, pick anything you do not like and change it!
  • Tiling or Painting a Single Wall: You do not need to paint an entire wall to give it a new life, but instead painting a “statement wall” on one side of the room, is sure way to provide an eye-catching accent to it or if you want to add a drastic touch, you can tile one of the walls for a more decorative touch.
  • Good Shower-head: As the majority spends a lot of time in the shower, it is time to upgrade the leaky, low-grade shower-head into a double-head or a hand-held shower.
  • Decorative Shelves: Get these made of stainless steel, glass or wood as they create a more visually appealing atmosphere in the bathroom and add perfume bottles, lotions and other bathroom items.

Bathroom Without Spending Screenshot:

    Add Seating: If you have decent space, you can add a bench or chair to sit upon or just have something to stack your shoes and socks off and make sure it is a comfortable one. Moreover, you can add a television or radio to the bathroom if you like to get a head start to news in the morning!

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