Adult Jokes You Might Have Missed in Cartoons

Cartoons aren’t as innocent as you think they might be. At times there are certain adult jokes hidden amidst these very innocent looking cartoons which you might have seen in your own childhood or your children sit down to every morning.

I don’t really know the purpose behind putting in adult jokes and clichés into children’s cartoons but perhaps the makers do think that since parents will be watching the cartoons with their children, they might as well have some element for them to enjoy as well.

Check Out These Adult Jokes in Cartoons Here

Look at the picture here from a famous cartoon on Nickelodeon. Isn’t it a double meaning dialogue? Even those which follow it before and after would be adult jokes, which parents or anybody else familiar with the use of paper towels in a boy’s room would certainly understand.

Just look at this one! Friend of everybody’s sister and the name Speedy Gonzales; doesn’t this ring a bell of adult humor? And if it doesn’t, check out the face of the character in the second picture. Sure has an adult cheeky expression that most of us get after cracking a joke which only our friends or we would understand.

Check this one out! The pictures speak for themselves. They got all the details right? Except for ones inside the clothing? Strictly adult humor. What would our kids understand of this? And even if they do, this is certainly going to maim their childhood and introduce them to adult jokes right in their innocence.

Personally, I don’t think these jokes are what our children should be seeing in the cartoons.

They took a huge risk putting this one in! Batman Beyond, totally adult content, don’t you think? What are the kids going to think of rides without cars? The cheeky expression on the face of the character does say it all, don’t you think?

This one in Johnny Bravo doesn’t even make an effort at hiding it. When would a girl be blindfolded and not remember it? This sleek, sexy girl does remember when she was blindfolded last and makes a very subtle adult joke about it.

This one has a very deliberate hint at what doggy-style is and why should everyone else be interested in doing it! This certainly keeps our need for adult humor healthy and hearty!

Our very own sweet, little innocent Gus Gus was the first to introduce the concept of anal beads, right in the most loved fairytale Cinderella. Who can believe this subtle and very well hidden impression of adult jokes in the famous fairy tale of all times?

These jokes you certainly missed when you first saw the telecast of these Saturday morning cartoons. And if you did, I am hundred percent certain you are going to look them up and watch them again. They might be fun for you but can be responsible for robbing your children of their innocence right in their childhood. What do you think? Should these subtle and not-so-subtle jokes be allowed to be telecasted on prime time cartoons for children?

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