Amazing Art of Feeling Absence by Mathilde Roussel

Amazing art of feeling absence by Mathilde Roussel. Specialist Mathilde Roussel Giraudy requests you to replicate on the loss of a beloved one with her innovative statue collection. She cut and sewed a actual pillow case, and then solid it with plaster to create a shape for the ceramic part. She made use of a wool sweater and protected it with material to create it appear stiff and useless interior.

When absent, the body of anyone gets the bad living space of the objects left behind, the artist talks. “Searching and applying absence, shadowing the shapes of a disappeared presence, Empreinte shows the produced sensations of a missing being.”

Feeling Absence Screenshot:









The ideals of availability, connection to beginnings and connection with area and time, highlighted in my childhood, carries on to inspire my work.By discovering and juxtaposing simple links between physiology, ecology and cosmology, I try to understand the secrets of our inner and outer selves.


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