Amazing Pictures Of Hamburg Water Woman

Amazing Pictures Of Hamburg Water Woman. A large statue of a woman (13-foot-high (4 m), 98 foot long (30m)) was installed in Hamburg, Germany. Lets have a look my beautiful collection of  Albino Snake with Two Heads.”Die Badende” was created by artist Oliver Voss.German boaters got a surprise this week with the debut of “Die Badende” or “The Bather,” a giant, styrofoam-and-steel sculpture showing a woman’s head and knees if she were soaking in a bathtub.Created by artist Oliver Voss, If you like this post please share a comment with us en tell what you think. Amazingly Jewelry Photography.  the 13-foot-high, 98-foot-long sculpture will be on display in Hamburg’s Binnenalster Lake for the next 10 days.Take a look at “Die Badende” below:



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