Angelina Jolie Gorgeous Picture Collection

Angelina Jolie Gorgeous Picture Collection. Penelope Cruz Unseen Picture Collection.  OMG! Our girl crush on Angelina Jolie just went into overdrive. She looks amaza-beautiful. (Made up word because no other word in the English language can describe her beauty and coolness) If you have a better adjective you’d like to use, insert here.We were anti-Angelina here at HWB for a long time but her international good deeds and the fact that we hear constant reports that those kids run the Brangelina  house makes her seem more human and lovable. Jessica Alba Rare Pictures Collection.  We love it that she and Brad have driven up the price of the sale of the first pictures of the new twins so they can donate it to charity. We love the fact that she lets her kids eat junk food and shoot darts at each other. We love the fact that she really seems to want to do good things and make the world a better place.


Gorgeous Picture

Gorgeous Angelina

Angelina Pics

Angelina Jolie Pics

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