How To Apply Black Eye Makeup?

Black eye makeup is probably getting one of the most famous and one of the wanted eye makeup amongst the women. There are many women that favor a lot grabbing the black eye makeup for the parties and late night functions. In the past the women with the black eye makeup was considered to be not a person with the good personality. But now it is becoming the trend that if the women want to grab the attention of other people through her makeup then she must make her eyes prominent with the black eye makeup.

How To Apply Black Eye Makeup?

In the below article we will going to mention down the steps that are involved in the ideal application of black eye makeup. Firstly we will mention the main items that are needed for the completion of black eye makeup.

1.      Primer (optional)

2.      Foundation

3.      2. Black eye shadow

4.      A shimmer

5.      4. A shimmer silver eye shadow for highlighting.

6.       Liquid Liner.

7.       Kajal pencil or Kohl or black liner pencil.

8.      Mascara

9.      Lash Curler Optional

10.  False Lashes Optional

11.   Eye Brow pencil

Now we will start mentioning the step by step tutorial for the black eye makeup.


1.      If you have any sort of dark circles around the eyes then just fill them up with the primer or foundation. Make sure that the foundation is well matched with your skin color.

2.      Now with the help of eye brush apply the eye shadow over the eye lids. You can even make the use of finger tips too for blending the eye shadow.

3.      Now in the third step apply the contrasting color over the eye lids. This will make the black color effect much more noticeable for others. You can even make the use of dark green or beige or purple or dark peach.

4.      Now apply the black shadow one more time for covering the contrasting color over the lids.

5.      Now take the shimmer and apply it on the eye brow bones. This will going to make the eyes look bigger and quite prominent for others as well.

6.      Now spread the shadow of the lids in the tail upward direction at the exterior section for giving some extra effect.

7.      Now make the use of eye liner in the thick formations.

8.      Now make the application of liner pencil or the Kajal for the lower rim of eyes.

9.      In the final step take the curler and curl the lashes for making them large and bigger. In the ending touch ass mascara over the eye lashes for attractive appearance.

So this was one of the easiest methods for the ideal black eye makeup! Now if you are planning to attend any party then don’t miss out following the above mentioned tips for black eye makeup.

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