How To Apply Lipgloss Perfectly

Do you want to make your lips shiny and glossy? Well if yes then it is much important that you must know the best way of applying the lip gloss. There would be no such women that would never wish to make her lips smooth and soft. Keeping this fact in mind in this article we will going to share the method of how to apply the lipgloss in perfect and finest manner.

In the beginning we will going to mention the main two ingredients that are needed during the application of lipgloss.

  • ·         Glossy lips as free from lipstick
  • ·         Shiny gloss along with the lipstick

Now we will going to explain step by step the process of applying the lipgloss in an ideal manner.



In the beginning you must moisturize the lips for making them smooth and soft. If you think that you have cracked and dead lips then the use of moisturizing lotion would be the best option for you. Just apply the lotion for one minute and then clean it with some cotton swab.  This would allow the dead cells to get removed in just one minute.


If you have dry lips then the lip balm can be one of the finest choices for you. The women can evenly apply the lip foundation as well. This will allow the lipstick to get stick over the lips in best formation.


Now apply the lip liner over the lips. Make sure that the lip liner lip color matches well with the color of the lipstick. In order to get the nude look the best option would be applying the liner with the pink or mauve color.


For the lip liner start from the one corner and follow it till the curvatures of the lips. Now repeat the same step with the upper lips as well. Apply it in the perfect mode.


Now take the lip gloss of the shiny color for the lip application. Start from the bottom lips and then drag the sponge along with the length of the lips in slow manner. Make sure that this step will carried out with the soft hands because in case of roughness the lips might get dry out. Now repeat the same step with the lower lips.


After the application of the lipgloss press the lips with one another. If in case the lipgloss is applied in great quality just erase it with the tissue.


On the seventh step it is the time to wear the lipstick. As you apply the lipstick just press the lips with one another in order to give away the smooth and soft look.


In the last and final step take the lipgloss and apply it over the lips in ideal manner. Just fill the upper lip first and then repeat the same application process with the lower lip as well.

So this was all about the perfect method of applying the lipgloss! Now if you are planning to attend any party then don’t forget to apply the ligloss for making your lips smooth and eye catching.