Away-Time From Your Cell Phone – It’s A Must If You Notice These Signs

Tendonitis has become a very frequent medical condition amongst the teens nowadays. Well, it certainly isn’t a secret why. This is simply because their thumbs don’t really stop moving over their cell phone’s keyboard to send text messages or even Snapchat or Whatsapp or Viber, you name it.

Well, people, our thumbs weren’t really made for things like this. They just aren’t meant for texting. I mean there are a lot of things that you can do using your hand or your thumbs like holding a pencil, a painting brush, play games other than on your cellphone, or even button up your pants. Just give that texting a rest for a while because you definitely need a vacation from your phone.

Signs You Ought to Get That Away-Time from Your Cell Phone

1. If you are with your phone throughout the day, you probably need to break up with it soon. And perhaps if you are reading this on your cell phone, especially while in the toilet, please go straight out and begin that vacation and away-time from your cell phone immediately.

2. You use your cell phone to look busy because you don’t feel like talking to real people or perhaps they just confuse you? Maybe you should put away the phone now and get some good socializing other than on the internet. You need a healthy activity. Go out or else you’ll be stuck with this little technology FOREVER!

3. You think you need an upgraded cell phone? Well, what about the one you thought was new 3 months ago when you bought it? Is it already ancient? If that’s what you keep thinking about every now and then, perhaps it’s time to get that away-time from your cell phone!

4. You prefer staring at a screen rather than getting a book or something? You certainly need to get a life! Get a real book or divert your eyes somewhere else other than your cell phone. You need to relax, let go and do something constructive. Staring at that pixilated screen isn’t going to get you anywhere at all!

5. No service? The idea of a place with no service gives you jitters? It’s a sign, people! Go for that vacation. Get that away-time from your cell phone right away! You don’t want to be holed up with your cell phone for the rest of your lives, do you?

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