Most Beautiful Mosques In the World

There is no such doubt about the fact that God has filled up this whole planet with fabulous looking natural beauty views. In all of such beauties we would like to even mention about the mosques as well. Mosques have not just remained as the center of attraction for the Muslims but even grab the attention of all the visitors and tourists all over the planet.

Now you must be anxious to know that which are all such beautiful looking mosques that have gripped the attention of the people in just one look. In the below we will be highlighting out the names of some of the five most beautiful mosques in the world.

Most Beautiful Mosques In the World


On the very first we have the Al-Haram mosque. This mosque was established in Macca in Saudia Arabia. Every single person in this planet is much aware from this stunning eye catching beautiful mosque. This mosque has been constructed at the place of 00,800 square meters. During the offering of Hajj this mosque can accommodate almost 4 million people under its shelter.


This second mosque has also been placed in Saudia Arabia on the city of Madina. This mosque has been dedicated to the Holy Prophet (PBUH). This mosque is said to be the second largest holiest place in the Islam. In 1837 the dome of this mosque was painted with the green color. Since that time scale this dome was named as Green Dome.


On the third ranking we have the Al-Aqsa Mosque. This mosque has been established in Jerusalem as in Palestine. This mosque is also famously known as Batya-al-Muqaddas too. The beautification of this mosque has been set with the eye catching domes and stunning structural pieces that is much attractive looking in just one look.


On the fourth number we will mention about the Hassan II Mosque. This mosque has been set up in Casablanca in the Morocco city. This mosque has also been ranked on the 7th number as being the largest mosques in the world. The minarets of the mosque are 210 meters high. This mosque was completed in 1993. Hassan II Mosque can take account of over 105,000 worshippers in its custody.


This last mosque has been established in Brunei. This mosque has been known for its beautiful views and structure that is just eye catching looking for the visitors in one sight. This mosque and its beauty have made it as one of the center of attractions for the visitors and tourists all over the world.

So these were the five most beautiful mosques in the world. If you still have not visited these mosques then just grab them now. We are sure that you will never wish to leave the place at any cost.

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