Some of the Best Restaurant Interiors in the World

Since their establishment some centuries ago, restaurants have always tried their best to outdo their competition. However, until recently, the race was about leaving the competitor behind in the quality of food and service, but now, it seems that the restaurateurs have added their interiors to the race as well and the trend has only intensified over the few decades that have flown by. Restaurant interiors have become a topic of major discussion with amazing restaurants and their awe-inspiring interiors around the world.

Here are some of the most amazing restaurant interiors from the world over.

Some of the Best Restaurant Interiors

H.R. Giger Museum Bar, Gruyères, Switzerland

This is certainly a place where you can immerse yourself in the world of art. The bar is an original work of exceptional art by H. R. Giger. The artist has completely outdone himself here. From the ceilings to the chairs to the flooring of the bar, everything has been designed by H. R. Giger in the biochemical style of his acclaimed “Alien” environment which also got him an Oscar.

Truth Cafe, Cape Town, South Africa

This is a steam-punk coffee café situated in Cape Town, South Africa. The Truth Café has never failed to let any of its visitors down on standards of quality, service, and of course its interiors. Designed by Haldane Martin, this café is one of the very best around the world and looks classic with its machine works, pendulums and pulleys, all hanging inside with elegant grace.

Bicycle Bar, Bucharest, Romania

This restaurant interior, designed by Alina Turden, has a lot of vintage bicycles stacked dramatically inside the café to create an elegant ambiance. Old pegas bicycles are used to create tables, chairs and all other furniture and interior required within the space. The Bicycle Bar in Bucharest is a place worth seeing and forms one of the major attractions in Romania.

Logomo Cafè, Turku, Finland

Designed by Tobias Rehberger, Logomo Café in Turku is an all-inclusive experience and has one of the best restaurant interiors around the world. The café is an extensive art illustration which never fails to inspire and mesmerize the onlookers. The design is based on Artek furniture but the visionary Tobias Rehberger has utilized his own vision and passion to transform Logomo Café into a place well loved and appreciated by culture enthusiasts and all those who visit the place in Finland. Logomo Café, again, is one of the must-see attractions in the city.

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