Goth Latte is an All Black Coffee Drink with Surprising Health Benefits

It seems like colorful foods are all the rage these days, and it’s not hard to see why—rainbow hues are a feast for the eyes. But black is now making a bold statement in sweet treats like ice cream, and its ominous beauty has recently taken the latte world by storm. Using activated charcoal, trendy cafes are creating stone grey drinks black coffee that’ll delight your inner goth. And, it turns out, they’ve got unique health benefits, too.

Goth Latte is an All Black Coffee Drink

Lattes aren’t exactly considered healthy indulgences, but this activated charcoal drink is a detox for your body. It’s said to cleanse your digestive system of unwanted substances—although medical professionals say you consume it in recommended doses. (Learn more about activated charcoal here.) In small amounts like a charcoal latte, however, it’s both delicious and can be a nice boost for your body.

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