Brace The Difference Between Travel Expectations Vs. Reality

  • Enjoying a picnic near the Eiffel Tower

Actually it depends when you go. That picture looks like it is from a special event not a normal day. Normally it’s more locals who picnic and most of them leave Paris in the summer.

  • Visiting The Great Wall Of China

This is only in October, and in certain sections, namely Badaling. Other sections are empty, trust me.

  • Admiring Mona Lisa In Louvre Museum

Look at the bright side; since everybody looking at Mona Lisa you can enjoy every other art in Louvre peacefully. Oh, yes… there is another masterpiece of Leonardo da Vinci, people even didn’t see it.

  • Taking photos with Leaning Tower of Pisa in Italy

Except normally you can’t even step on the grass there. Otherwise it’s spot on indeed.

  • Taking a Romantic Gondola Ride in Venice, Italy

Never seen such a traffic jam in the canal! Plus this costs you a whole fortune as everything in Venice does!

  • Relaxing on The Gorgeous Beaches of Maldives

Actually the difference between this images is simple. One was taking in expensive hotel where probably someone cleans the beach and other was taking on the public beach where inhabitants don’t give a sh*t about it.

  • Santorini Island, Greece

That’s when people watch the famous Santorini sunset. The island is known for that, so off course, you’ll have people sitting around to see it especially in high season. The good thing with the island is that it has different levels so everyone can see the view.

  • Sunbathing in the famous beach of Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

If I’m not mistaken, that picture is from World Youth Day. Because you know, the Pope says mass on that beach every day.

  • Checking out the breathtaking glory of the Taj Mahal

You can’t expect a historical monument like Taj Mahal deserted. People will gather there, and don’t be upset.

  • Ski Resort Holiday

Learning to snowboard is definitely very hard to do and a literal pain in the ass, but it is still the most funny.

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