Bridal Makeup Tips And Tricks

Bridal makeup is one of the most complicated and trickiest arts for the brides on her wedding day. It one of the main features in the bridal wedding that has to be chosen out after great sum of attention and care. A single mistake in the bridal makeup can ruin up your complete personality. If you are planning to carry out your wedding makeup then you must practice it almost three or four months before the wedding.

Well for all the beginners in the bridal makeup in this article we will going to highlight out some of the extraordinary interesting bridal makeup tips and tricks.


  • ·         Before carrying out the makeup you must do some cleansing or facial over the skin. Bridal makeup is quite heavy ones so for the better results the facial would be the best option.
  • ·         Cleansing should be done of the regular terms but facial should be carried out just 15 days before the wedding. This would make the skin much fresh and glowing.
  • ·         If you have oily skin then make the use of some branded face wash before doing the makeup. For the dry skin the moisturizing is compulsory but the brides with oily skin should avoid applying the moisturizing over the skin.
  • ·         If you have any dark circles, wrinkles and black spots then don’t forget to make the use of concealers over the spots.
  • ·         Make the choice of such foundations that matches with the skin color. Keep blending the foundation until it didn’t matches with your skin color.
  • ·         Yellow pigmentation foundation is also said to be one of the best options for the bridal photo shoot. It allows the skin to stay back much glowing and superb fresh looking.
  • ·         After the foundation the next comes the blush on! Blush on should be applied in little quantity.
  • ·         Next in the section of eye makeup the bridal makeup should make the choice of soft and light eye makeup. This would make her eyes much prominent and eye catching.
  • ·         The lip shades should also be selected according to the bridal dress. Some of the best lipstick shades are light pink and peach.

So all the women out there if you think that you can carry out your bridal makeup with own self help then don’t forget to follow out all such above mentioned tricks…

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