Coffee Cone – Japanese Cafe Creatively Serves Hot Coffee in a Cone

Recently, the humble ice cream cone has undergone a sugary series of transformations. It has been turned into taco shells, reshaped into friendly fish, and even dyed black. Now, thanks to Coffee Cone, a cafe in Tokyo. Everyone’s favorite ice cream accoutrement has adopted a new role as an edible coffee cup.

Cafe Creatively Serves Hot Coffee Cone

As made apparent by the prevalence of the #coffeeinacone hashtag on Instagram, many coffeeshops around the world sell this peculiar pairing. However, the Coffee Cone cafe appears to be the only one specializing in the phenomenon. Given its dedication to the trend, the Tokyo-based shop offers a wide selection of cones. Allowing sweet-toothed coffee lovers to experiment with different flavors. Customers can choose to have their “cups” dipped in chocolate, coated in sprinkles, or even covered in matcha powder. Illustrating the delectable possibilities of the seemingly simple coffee/cone combination.

In addition to their tasty, Technicolor cones, the shop also experiments with latte art. Topping off their already creative concoctions with tulips, hearts, and their signature smiley faces. Somehow, these delightful details manage to make each coffee cone even more appealing!


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