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The Eiffel Tower Dazzles Visitors with Its New Glass Floor

For those scared of heights, the latest changes on the first floor of the Eiffel Tower may be something of a challenge. As the Eiffel Tower celebrates its 125th birthday, it debuts a new glass floor for visitors on the first level. Now, you can look through a glass floor as part of a 30-million-euro […]

Food Prepared À Votre Goût (To Your Liking)

We consume food considering that it is just a source of nutrition. Well, food is a way of life. Many cultures have a recognizable cuisine, a specific set of cooking traditions using various spices and cooking traditions that are unique for that culture, which evolves over time. Many cultures have diversified their foods by means […]

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Online slots reviews: Secret Santa by Microgaming

It’s the most beautiful time of the yeaaaaar… Andy Williams’ immortal song is part of the Christmas cheer, along with cinnamon, apples, snow, and – of course – a smiling old gentleman with a red outfit and a bag full of gifts: Santa. The Secret Santa I am writing about, though, is not this gift-bringing […]

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Enjoy Sky-High Dining at London in the Sky

Acrophobic people, look away. This post is not for you. From 12 September 2014, people with a strong stomach for heights can enjoy gourmet dinner in an open-air dining platform suspended 100ft above the ground. Fancy experiencing something different for dinner? Look no further from London in the Sky, where five London chefs are set […]

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Common Positive Habits of Happy People to Stay happy

You have that nagging feeling of being down and low all the time. Doesn’t anything you do contents you and makes you smile? Do you have cherophobia?  Well, if yes is your answer to these questions, then perhaps you just need to loosen up a bit and be happy for a change. Yes, we know […]

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Some of the Best Restaurant Interiors in the World

Since their establishment some centuries ago, restaurants have always tried their best to outdo their competition. However, until recently, the race was about leaving the competitor behind in the quality of food and service, but now, it seems that the restaurateurs have added their interiors to the race as well and the trend has only […]

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Tom Cruise Starring in the Movie Edge of Tomorrow

Edge of Tomorrow Edge of Tomorrow is fabulous. It is one of those movies which grips you throughout and provides immense thrill and excitement. Each moment of the movie is worth watching and the movie tends to flow in such a flawless manner that you will remain captivated throughout. There is no stopping the action in […]

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