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Shah Rukh’s ‘Intolerance’ Remarks Spark A Growing Controversy

Shah Rukh Khan’s remarks on ‘intolerance’ in India triggered a string of angry comments from a host of political leaders across the country. The Bollywood superstar celebrated his birthday on November 2nd, where he also expressed his concern about the lack of tolerance in India. Who Said What King Khan’s comment was greeted with a […]

Breaking Into The Music Business Is Challenging For New Artists

If you were to ask any aspiring music artist, they will usually tell you that it is hard to break into most aspects of the music business. People who work to further the careers of the independent artists have become increasingly important to the eventual success of these artists. Artists who are not in the […]

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The Pinnacle of the Extravagant Career of Kim Kardashian

The Kardashian family has been the hot feud for the paparazzi and their fame is becoming undeniable. The Kardashian girls are on the covers of magazines, bill boards, TV channels and all kinds of media you can think of. The Kardashian ladies are not just cover models or actors. They are mothers, sisters and wives […]

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Movies So Bad That They Became Career Killing Movies

Only us, the locals don’t suffer or have bad luck. There have been celebrities who have had their stroke of very bad luck too. These poor people were the ones to work in movies which simply killed their careers without giving them a second chance. Here’s a list of a few career killing movies which […]

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The Story of Response Songs and Their Popularity

Have you ever come across or uncovered a melodious middle finger which was hidden in plain sight and yet we mortals failed to see, guess or even make an assumption? Sometimes, we can’t imagine or open our brains to muses which are often more fickle than we would actually like to imagine. For once, the […]

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Yung Lean Is Here To Stay After His First American Show Last Night

We live in positively mind-boggling times. NASA, as of late, affirmed that they sent a testing probe into the interstellar space. Martha Stewart claims to have an automaton with the only purpose of taking flying photographs of her home. Feline cats and pooches are existing together. Also, most incredible of all, the most eagerly awaited […]

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Tom Cruise Starring in the Movie Edge of Tomorrow

Edge of Tomorrow Edge of Tomorrow is fabulous. It is one of those movies which grips you throughout and provides immense thrill and excitement. Each moment of the movie is worth watching and the movie tends to flow in such a flawless manner that you will remain captivated throughout. There is no stopping the action in […]

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