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Winter 2015’s Most Colorful Sweaters

Sweaters are cool and trendy this year, practical and coldproof when it’s getting cold outside and very easy to mix & match with other warm clothing and accessories. Don’t let the winter go by without flaunting these beautiful warm sweaters, so colorful they will instantly add a splash of light and energy to your winter […]

7 Essential Beauty Tips For Girls Who Travel A Lot

Happiness is a trip to Goa with friends when you keep rolling down the sand letting the breeze brush against your cheek and your hair following the direction of the wind. Your quest for peace and tranquility gets quenched through travelling and those who travel are a lot wiser. Travelling reinforces harmony in your senses. […]

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Things You Need To Know About Fancy Dress

Fancy dress costumes could be worn for a celebration, particular event or at Halloween. There are various various kinds of fancy Halloween costumes. You’ll find costumes geared exclusively to men, females, boys and ladies. You will find also certain niches that let men and women to part perform, it doesn’t matter what the age. As […]

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Shopping For Plus Size Shorts

When it comes to summer, there is little more comfortable to wear than shorts and t shirt. One of the nicest things about making an outfit out of shorts and t shirt is that this type outfit is so versatile. If the weather is really warm then you can go for just shorts and t […]

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Eerily Beautiful Halloween Lip Makeup Ideas

  Makeup isn’t just a way for you to cover up your flaws ad imperfections. It is an art for people to express themselves. In the right hands, you can see that art shining through as vividly as art created by paint or ink. Forget the classic red lip with smoky eyes, the latest makeup […]

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Hundreds of Footwear but Which One Is Bona Fide?

People say diamonds are a girl’s best friend and designer clothes are a girl’s necessity, but I say shoes are a woman’s weakness. Nowadays, shoes are not just entitled as footwear worn for comfort and protection, but they symbolize much more than that. They are a fashion accessory, a support to your entire attire. Shoes […]

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Why Are People’s Clothing Choices A Problem For The Society?

The society we live in has created certain very absurd rules of its own. Pinks for girl and blues for the boys! I mean I don’t understand the absurdity of color coding the gender. When it comes to clothing, everything goes haywire. You’ve got to dress up keeping in mind the society rules. A female […]

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