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Creative Couple Tattoos That Celebrate Eternal Love Bond

Some people are lucky enough to have found that special person they’ll spend the rest of their life with. And who wouldn’t want to celebrate that? There are many unconventional ways to tell the world “I’m in love!” Clothing is one form of expression, like couples who wear adorable matching sports jerseys or have spent the […]

Photos Showing The Diverse Natural Feminine Beauty

Mihaela Noroc travels around the globe to photograph the diversity of natural feminine beauty in all kinds of environments and cultures. Ideally, a woman should not try to change her natural personality or switch too far from the personality type she poses. Photos Showing The Diverse Natural Feminine Beauty Also, give us your kind feedback in […]

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Clever Optical Illusion Earrings For Statement Making Style

These optical illusion earrings are not what they seem. Though the minimalist shapes appear to pierce through multiple parts of an ear, Otis Jaxon Jewelry has cleverly disguised a more conventional approach. The sterling silver hearts, triangles, and squares are worn like a traditional drop earring—inserted into your lobe piercing—that are then twisted upwards into […]

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15+ Subtle Harry Potter Tattoos That Are Truly Magical

What better way to show your love of Harry Potter than getting a magical J.K. Rowling series themed tattoo? To inspire all the Potterheads out there, Fungur has put together the list of subtle Harry Potter tattoos that are truly magical. Only for true Harry Potter fans to understand, these tattoos would probably even make J.K. […]

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15+ Creative Ways To Reuse Your Old Kitchen Items

You have got a lot of stuff, I also have got a lot of stuff, but what are we to do with it all? Be creative in your kitchen by reusing old kitchen items! Not only you will spare some cash, but you will have the capacity to give new life to each one of […]

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Artist Made Animal Jewelry With Silver And Bronze

A jeweler made animal jewelry by using silver and bronze. Around 25 years back,  he was doing all the typical jewelry for a retail store. But on the side, he was cutting stone in his siblings’s studio. Doing smooth animal shapes with aspect lines for the muscle definition. Eventually, he began doing them in bronze and many years […]

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Terrarium Necklaces That Let You Carry Piece Of Nature

Feeling caught behind your office and missing the outdoors? The artist behind #TeenyTinyPlanet made delicate terrarium necklaces to bring you nearer to nature. Terrariums, universes unto themselves, are enchanting that it is a disgrace to keep them covered up at home throughout the day! Miniature glass bottles contain genuine dried blooms, antique charms, and luminous precious stones. You can get […]

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