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Artist Made Animal Jewelry With Silver And Bronze

A jeweler made animal jewelry by using silver and bronze. Around 25 years back,  he was doing all the typical jewelry for a retail store. But on the side, he was cutting stone in his siblings’s studio. Doing smooth animal shapes with aspect lines for the muscle definition. Eventually, he began doing them in bronze and many years […]

Terrarium Necklaces That Let You Carry Piece Of Nature

Feeling caught behind your office and missing the outdoors? The artist behind #TeenyTinyPlanet made delicate terrarium necklaces to bring you nearer to nature. Terrariums, universes unto themselves, are enchanting that it is a disgrace to keep them covered up at home throughout the day! Miniature glass bottles contain genuine dried blooms, antique charms, and luminous precious stones. You can get […]

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How to Make Your Jewelry Look Expensive on a Budget

It’s possible to look like you wear pricey designer jewelery even if you are on a small budget. The key is in how you style your look. So how can you make it took like you wear high end jewellery even when your budget is on the low end? Here are some tips that you […]

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Saving Big on Wholesale Diamond Jewelry

Did you know that diamond carat is different from a gold karat? Whereas gold karat represents quality and purity, a diamond carat represents mere weight. This is perhaps just one of the few facts you need to know before investing in wholesale diamond jewelry. Buying diamond jewelry is all about gathering information. It would be […]

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Some of the Ways to Selecting an Engagement Ring

Today, a man looking for an engagement ring for his sweetheart has a lot of options to consider. Some men are finding creative ways to make the perfect choice. There are men who don’t want to take their loved one ring shopping because it tends to spoil the surprise. In many cases, the woman has […]

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Best And Beautiful Necklace Designs

Diamonds are always said to be the best friends of women! No matter whether it is about the earrings, rings, necklaces or whatever the women always want to get hold over them when they are filled with the diamonds. It has been one of the most wanted and yet the favorite stones amongst the women. […]

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Wedding Offer For All Manufacturers Fans

Wedding (also known as married life or wedlock) is a social partnership or lawful agreement between people known as partners that makes kinship.      

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