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6 Amazing and Wonderful Benefits of Being Single

As far as I have experienced and as far as my belief goes, people who are in a long term relationship do get miserable at one point of time or another. True, it’s great when you have someone to turn to and cuddle with at night, but long term relationships are also very inconvenient. If […]

The 10 Most Common Type of Husbands You Will Find

You find types in everything today. There isn’t a thing that you won’t find a category about. Even sacrilegious prospect like marriage can be categorized to classify husbands. This is where I will list down the most common type of husbands we find in the world. Check out the list and perhaps you’ll find a […]

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25 Awesome Perks of Being Single in College

Alright ladies, who told you that you have to have a boyfriend when you get into college? Being single is super awesome. Yes, there will be times you’ll be jealous of the girls with boyfriends and perhaps you’ll feel that you will be the only one to die alone, but trust me, being single has its own […]

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Things Homebodies Say and What They Actually Mean

At times, homebodies say some things which in English would have a simple meaning but is always said with a totally different context. Here are a few words homebodies commonly use and their actual meaning as per the context they are spoken in. 1. The reply “nothing” when you ask homebodies what are their plans […]

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5 Kinds of Nosy Neighbors Found Everywhere

The most pathetic downside to living in an apartment or a condominium is the fact that you are in very close proximity to other human beings. And the worst part of this is, most of them suck! Well, it’s basic law of nature. Out of the 50 people you are living with or close by, […]

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Adult Jokes You Might Have Missed in Cartoons

Cartoons aren’t as innocent as you think they might be. At times there are certain adult jokes hidden amidst these very innocent looking cartoons which you might have seen in your own childhood or your children sit down to every morning. I don’t really know the purpose behind putting in adult jokes and clichés into […]

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Fun And Games And Maybe Wins

There is a place online – actually a whole group of places – where people can play fun and exciting games, win money and participate in a promotion that has one of the most amazing prizes I have ever seen: an online casino called Euro Palace, member of the Fortune Lounge Group. First, about the […]

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