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How to Achieve Goals If You Are an Artist

An artist tends to analyze things around him whether it be a video, scenery or anything that pops up suddenly. The thing with artists is that they tend to create the objects they see around them, and want to work their skill to achieve goals. The one thing that stops an artist from getting what […]

Things to Know About iPhone Repair Service

iPhone repair companies are already designed to help you repair your iPhone when it breaks or malfunctions. Not having to spend the price of a fresh unit is actually an existence saver for some and lets you preserve your present unit in pristine situation. In the event you assess the cost of repairing your existing […]

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One of The Best Job in World (Must Watch)

Here is a Video for One of The Best Job in World where a Chinese shopkeeper creating flower with Sweet machine (Must Watch and Share in Social Media). You may also like to watch another video Beach Yoga Fail. If you really enjoyed the video, dont forget to SHARE in Facebook, Twitter and comment.

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Dancing Wind Optical Illusion

It was a long and busy weekend for me here. Just to keep you informed, I’m thinking of moving my office(where Mighty Optical Illusions website is maintained) to separate location from my own department. So even though there wasn’t much work on the site itself (for the last 3 days), the work being done still involved this site. Anyway, for today […]

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Liu Paints Lanvin’s Alber Elbaz, Jean Paul Gaultier and Others

So what do you think would happen if someone combined prominent fashion designers, “Spot The Object” and “Body Paint” illusions along with #Liu Bolin holding a bucket full of paint? Well, the final result is Alber Elbaz, Jeaan Paul Gaultier and Angela Missioni gone missing! That’s right, this time Liu didn’t camouflage himself, but used his extraordinary talent […]

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M.C. Escher Meets Portal

If you’re familiar with the computer game called Portal, then you know just how complex the imaginary world filled with teleportation portals can be. That’s why it’s such a perfect match for the world M.C. Escherimagined, particularly his famous  Relativity piece. While we have featured a lot of artist interpretations on this classic artwork, given Portal mash up by DeviantArt […]

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Instructions From Hell

Not to bore you only with Optical Illusions and Magic Tricks, here’s a little assigment for you: for your Mighty Homework contruct this object. When you do so – be sure to send it to us, to convince us you did it!

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