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DIY: Learn How To Turn Leggings Into Cool Crop Top

Take your scissors and cut out the crotch. It is the best that you try cutting in a crescent shape. See this tutorial to learn how you can turn your leggings into a stylish yet cool crop top. How To Turn Leggings Into Cool Crop Top Don’t worry about the leggings fraying too quickly. It […]

How to Negotiate Better and Get the Best Deal

We negotiate every day in various ways, from dealing with vendors or customers to trying to lower your cable bill. Negotiation is more of a routine. The key to negotiation is to get what you need or want, while keep the other party’s needs or wants in mind. THAT is the real challenge. You need […]

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Mistakes Job Applicants Should Avoid At All Costs

A lot of applicants make mistakes when they are applying for a job. They might forget to include something really very important in their resume, which might have otherwise made them more desirable for a job. But that’s okay as such minor mistakes or forgetfulness doesn’t really affect their chances of getting the job. However, […]

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How to Achieve Goals If You Are an Artist

An artist tends to analyze things around him whether it be a video, scenery or anything that pops up suddenly. The thing with artists is that they tend to create the objects they see around them, and want to work their skill to achieve goals. The one thing that stops an artist from getting what […]

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Things to Know About iPhone Repair Service

iPhone repair companies are already designed to help you repair your iPhone when it breaks or malfunctions. Not having to spend the price of a fresh unit is actually an existence saver for some and lets you preserve your present unit in pristine situation. In the event you assess the cost of repairing your existing […]

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One of The Best Job in World (Must Watch)

Here is a Video for One of The Best Job in World where a Chinese shopkeeper creating flower with Sweet machine (Must Watch and Share in Social Media). You may also like to watch another video Beach Yoga Fail. If you really enjoyed the video, dont forget to SHARE in Facebook, Twitter and comment.

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Dancing Wind Optical Illusion

It was a long and busy weekend for me here. Just to keep you informed, I’m thinking of moving my office(where Mighty Optical Illusions website is maintained) to separate location from my own department. So even though there wasn’t much work on the site itself (for the last 3 days), the work being done still involved this site. Anyway, for today […]

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