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The Truth Behind Those Perfect Photos Revealed

Can you think the life is really as perfect as it seems in photos? It is about physical hardship of work and super creativity of a photographer to make a very best final shot. Look at these pictures and feel the hardships. Enjoy yourself too! Just take a nice studio shot, people. Kudos to the photographer. It’s […]

30+ Amazing Animals Who Have Come From Different Mothers

The cats look, “Why is he touching me?” So lovely! Awww! Adorable. The dog thinking: “I love my big brother”. Two of God’s most awesome creations and gift to us! Horses and dogs! The look on the dears face says it all. Friend, why are they keeping you behind that barbed fence? I’ll help you […]

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French Photographer Dressed Ancient Sculptures As Hipster

French photographer Léo Caillard with French art director Alexis Persani dressed up some ancient Louvre’s sculptures, more up dated yet trendy. For this marvelous manipulation, Léo photographed the sculptures first and then take similar poses of friends wearing modern clothes with accessories. Then Persani used his retouching skills to make it more realistic. Look like more to human, this exhausted […]

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Couple Make A Trip To USA In Tiny House Less Than $20,000

To shrink and materialize life, people now have decided to build tiny houses. The popularity have grown over last ten years to make a lifestyle and simplifying the surroundings. Tiny houses is not just about looking pretty cute but it is also have become the idea of minimalist sustainable livings. Interior designers have think through innovative ways to […]

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How To Spot Online Real Estate Frauds

The property listing almost looks too good to be true – it is in the perfect location, has beautiful photos and is well below your budget. You send off an enquiry and receive a quick response: the landlord is currently overseas and cannot show you the home. But if you can wire through a deposit […]

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Breaking Into The Music Business Is Challenging For New Artists

If you were to ask any aspiring music artist, they will usually tell you that it is hard to break into most aspects of the music business. People who work to further the careers of the independent artists have become increasingly important to the eventual success of these artists. Artists who are not in the […]

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Don’t Fall for the Art in Exchange of Exposure Trap

“I’m writing this amazing book; I would like if you could do the illustrations for me. But perhaps you could tell me if the exposure you get from my book will be enough or do you have to be paid for the work too?” This is what we were asked recently when we happened to […]

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