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Quilt Inspired Tables Of Salvaged Wood From NYC

A female has collected old lumber from NYC to build an indoor ‘treehouse’ in a friends gallery. She was stuck inside for the winter and started passing the time by designing table tops, decorative panels, etc. She has began to use quilt designs more consciously in her work. Many quilt inspired tables pictures have given below. […]

Pastry Chef Creates Miniature Worlds Using Desserts

Matteo Stucchi is a pastry chef from Monza, Italy, who builds playful tasty-looking miniature worlds using only desserts and and fills them with little figurines. “A dessert’s looks is just as important as its taste,” says Matteo and we couldn’t agree more. Baked brownies become mining sites, cake pops turn into a Ferris wheel – there’s no […]

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List Of Very Best Astonishing Bird Tattoo Ideas Ever

If you are going to hit a tattoo parlor and opened this post – you are in goof fortune. Because we have made a list of the very best bird tattoo ideas out there! They look awesome look great as well as convey profound symbolic meanings. The bird is generally connected with opportunity, because it is free to […]

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Most Funny And Amazing Poetry On The Truck In Pakistan

Most Funny And Amazing Poetry On The Truck

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French Photographer Dressed Ancient Sculptures As Hipster

French photographer Léo Caillard with French art director Alexis Persani dressed up some ancient Louvre’s sculptures, more up dated yet trendy. For this marvelous manipulation, Léo photographed the sculptures first and then take similar poses of friends wearing modern clothes with accessories. Then Persani used his retouching skills to make it more realistic. Look like more to human, this exhausted […]

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Don’t Fall for the Art in Exchange of Exposure Trap

“I’m writing this amazing book; I would like if you could do the illustrations for me. But perhaps you could tell me if the exposure you get from my book will be enough or do you have to be paid for the work too?” This is what we were asked recently when we happened to […]

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The Human Mind Is Programmed to Understand and Appreciate Art

Have you ever wondered too hard about the meaning behind a painting while staring at it? Have you imagined what a random sculpture or a depiction of modern day’s abstract art is all about? Well, if your answer is yes and you seem not to understand the hidden meanings behind artworks that artists try their […]

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