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Fantastically Surreal Photography by Jon Jacobsen

Fantastically surreal photography by Jon Jacobsen. Self idea photographer Jon Jacobsen from Santiago, Chile, displayed his project “People I know”. In the task author present his friends who are models, artists, actors and illustrator. People I Know is a outstanding series, and some its photographs is easier to discover than others. While we can tell Continue reading →

Most impressive Pencil Art Forms By Jennifer Maestre

Most impressive Pencil by Jennifer Maestre.Jennifer Maestre was prompted to develop her special variety of fine art by sea urchins. The pin support bodies or the urchins are beautiful to see and have a peaceful power that other animals worry to attack. Jennifer operates with a very strange press for her statues, pencils. Instead of Continue reading →

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Beautiful And Attractive Pictures Of Street Art

Here we will share beautiful and attractive pictures of street art. Firstly, we would like to discuss about the concept of street art. Well, street art is always considered to be most important and impressive art in the whole world. Mostly people are strongly appreciated and like this type of art. We would like to Continue reading →

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Double Faced Photos Amazingly Painted by Sebastian Bieniek

Series of Double faced photos amazingly painted with an artistic idea by Sebastian Bieniek where he hidden his real face under the dark hazel hairstyle. The original idea of this series double faced photos taken by Picasso’s cubist ideas where Bieniek art painted both side of her face before shooting the photographs. He painted one Continue reading →

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Beautiful And Excellent Oil Painting Photos

Here we will share beautiful and excellent oil painting photos. We would like to mention that oil painting is considered to be beautiful painting in the field of art. We would like to mention that oil painting is defined as the process of painting of different pigments. In Europe, this amazing and beautiful painting art Continue reading →

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Beautiful And Cool Glass Art Pictures

All the way in this article we will going to share with the beautiful and cool glass art pictures. As we all know that there are many different kinds of art working and each one of its has their own prominent place. Art is one such style that simply takes away the heart beats of Continue reading →

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Meghan Howland Amazing Paintings

Meghan Howland, created in 1985 in Boston lifestyles and works as a young specialist in Beaverton. With her artwork she takes the audience into a fairytale-like, apparently black and wonderful world where she results in him intentionally to his own ideas without informing an precise tale.              

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