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10 Most Cruel Rulers Ever in History

10 Most Cruel Rulers Ever in history Throughout the history of mankind there have been many cruel ruler that use terror to gain control of public. They rule with an iron fist and an unrelenting thirst for power and recognition. Unfortunately for society there was too many for them all to fit on the list, […]

10 Most Powerful Women Politicians Around The World

Here is a list of Top 10 Most Powerful Women Politicians around the world. Powerful Women Politicians 10. Dalia Grybauskaite Dalia Grybauskaitė, born 1 March 1956 is the current President of Lithuania, inaugurated on 12 July 2009. She had previously been Vice-Minister of Foreign Affairs, Finance Minister, and European Commissioner for Financial Programming and the Budget. […]

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Breathtaking Underwater Museum Turns Ocean Into Art Gallery

Museo Atlantico, Europe’s first underwater contemporary art museum deployed the first phase of sculptures by internationally acclaimed sculptor Jason deCaires Taylor this February. Situated in clear blue waters off the coast of Lanzarote in the Canary Island, Spain, Museo Atlantico is a unique museum featuring a series of sculptural installations constructed 12m beneath the ocean’s […]

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Couple Make A Trip To USA In Tiny House Less Than $20,000

To shrink and materialize life, people now have decided to build tiny houses. The popularity have grown over last ten years to make a lifestyle and simplifying the surroundings. Tiny houses is not just about looking pretty cute but it is also have become the idea of minimalist sustainable livings. Interior designers have think through innovative ways to […]

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Guys with Insightful Letters of Advice Written about their Past

Here are collection of some Guys with Insightful Letters of Advice, Every convicts have a think about our past. Some convicts are truly but more not convicts. Several convicts were given order to write a letter of your advices of our past when they were not convicts. Many criminal say can be insightful for all […]

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Fairfield: 1938

1938. “Fairfield (Lynch House). McClellansville vicinity, Charleston County, South Carolina. Structure dates to 1730. Built by the Lynch family. Acquired by Jacob Motte in 1758, and enlarged by him. Related name: Charles C. Pinckney.”

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Incredible Historical Photographs

This is a selection of photographs of some of the most important or famous historical events that have occurred since photography was invented. In 1884, George Eastman developed the technology of film to replace photographic plates, leading to the technology used by film cameras today; nevertheless, many images exist from before that time that we […]

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