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Take a Look at London’s First Yacht Hotel

London has its fair share of glamorous hotels. There’s the Ritz and the Dorchester and a lot more stashed with swanky pillows which let you delve in luxury and enjoy the most unforgettable experiences in your life. This August, preferably August 4th 2014, the list of glamorous hotels in London is going to be joined […]

Some of the Best Restaurant Interiors in the World

Since their establishment some centuries ago, restaurants have always tried their best to outdo their competition. However, until recently, the race was about leaving the competitor behind in the quality of food and service, but now, it seems that the restaurateurs have added their interiors to the race as well and the trend has only […]

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Interesting Facts You Never Knew About Panama

If you aren’t from Panama or haven’t travelled there, you certainly wouldn’t have an idea about it. Perhaps you have a vague recollection about a guy named Noriega who caused some big problems; maybe he had something to do with drugs or the CIA or President Bush or something or the other. However, if you […]

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Vacationing in Rio? Read Before You Plan It Out

This spring, while planning my trip to Rio as another one of my globe-hopping adventures, something very strange happened. I had to stop telling people I was headed to Rio. Because this time, the reactions they solicited were way too different. I was questioned, advised and even warned by friends, family and acquaintances alike. Even […]

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The Astonishingly Historical Governors Island Park

Governors Island is a special summer treat for many New Yorkers and tourists alike. The island, which served as a military base for 200 years before it was home to the US Army and Coast Guard, has been opened to the public for over a decade. Visitors are treated to beautiful views of the Statue […]

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Choosing from Milton Keynes Hotels

If you are in the process of evaluating several Milton Keynes hotels for a business trip or a personal tour, there would be a set of specific features to look at. Acclaimed Milton Keynes hotels like Mercure Milton Keynes Abbey Hill cater to almost all requirements of their guests. Here’s a look at some important […]

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Quiet Hotels in Edinburgh Providing a Secret Escape

The latest technology makes one a victim of the social media and the Internet in general. But there are still places where one can get the tranquil environs to relax or business or do even both. Quiet hotels in Edinburgh like Piries Hotel are ideal places for visitors who have peace on their mind. There […]

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