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Do You Want to Buy an Affordable Smartphone?

Smartphones have become the necessity of the youth today. We highlight the youth here because it’s them who need to stay in contact with their social circles the most. However, one of the biggest problem the youth faces is finding smartphones at affordable costs. If you are looking for or want to find free ads […]

Scientists Successfully Manage Quantum Teleportation in Netherlands

There were times when things, which we see as common nowadays, seemed impossible. They say necessity is the mother of invention and it definitely worked for science. As time passed, science made so much discoveries which we otherwise would have considered impossible. From a miracle like electricity to human cloning, from handheld technology to stem […]

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The Human Mind Is Programmed to Understand and Appreciate Art

Have you ever wondered too hard about the meaning behind a painting while staring at it? Have you imagined what a random sculpture or a depiction of modern day’s abstract art is all about? Well, if your answer is yes and you seem not to understand the hidden meanings behind artworks that artists try their […]

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Away-Time From Your Cell Phone – It’s A Must If You Notice These Signs

Tendonitis has become a very frequent medical condition amongst the teens nowadays. Well, it certainly isn’t a secret why. This is simply because their thumbs don’t really stop moving over their cell phone’s keyboard to send text messages or even Snapchat or Whatsapp or Viber, you name it. Well, people, our thumbs weren’t really made […]

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Nine-Month Old Australian Children Can Use Technology

Technology is everywhere. No matter which wake of life you belong to, the existence of technology has become inevitable. This generation, the Generation Z as we refer to it, is definitely growing up in a world which is increasingly dominated by technology. Look left, look right, if you are reading this in the premises of […]

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Science Students Make Striking Discovery about Cell Phone Radiation

To parents, cell phone might seem like the bane of this generation. More or less everyone has a cell phone and at the same time is quite busy using that little piece of technology for something or the other. But nobody actually imagines that this little miracle that all of us so happily carry along […]

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Technology Can Increase the Risk of Depression and Anxiety in Teenagers

If you have kids, you most probably have various gadgets in your home such as smartphones and computers. You might worry about cyber-bullying or the gadgets becoming distractions for your kids. However, there is another thing to be concerned of: increased chances of emotional or mental distress. Yes, the computer that helps your children with […]

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