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Why the iPhone 6 is amazing – and why it sux

Apple has announced its latest innovation – the iPhone 6, with a larger and higher resolution screens, strong hardware and new operating system, the iOS 8. The announcement was well received by Apple enthusiasts, but also heavily criticized, and not just by iPhone haters. Let’s see some things that make the new iPhone amazing – […]

Why Should You Buy Cameras From Henry’s Store?

If you have an eye for capturing some of the best moments you come across in your life, it is natural for you to have a love towards cameras of various types as you would agree that each of these beauties have a distinct quality of its own. However, it would be not advisable for […]

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Why the iPhone 6 Is Going to Be the Best Ever Smartphone

Later this year, Apple might be heading towards the launch of its all new iPhone. The company’s fans all over the world are much more than just being excited. According to rumors, Apple’s new iPhone will not only feature a bigger screen but also a longer battery life. It is going to have a new […]

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E20-500 EMC Storage and Information Infrastructure Specialist Exam for Technology

Are you one of those people whose interests within the IT profession are wide-ranging and varied? Do you have what it takes to get certification as an EMC Storage and Information Infrastructure Specialist? Do you know the architecture and operation of EMT products and are you able to tell the difference between them? If you […]

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Do You Want to Buy an Affordable Smartphone?

Smartphones have become the necessity of the youth today. We highlight the youth here because it’s them who need to stay in contact with their social circles the most. However, one of the biggest problem the youth faces is finding smartphones at affordable costs. If you are looking for or want to find free ads […]

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Scientists Successfully Manage Quantum Teleportation in Netherlands

There were times when things, which we see as common nowadays, seemed impossible. They say necessity is the mother of invention and it definitely worked for science. As time passed, science made so much discoveries which we otherwise would have considered impossible. From a miracle like electricity to human cloning, from handheld technology to stem […]

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The Human Mind Is Programmed to Understand and Appreciate Art

Have you ever wondered too hard about the meaning behind a painting while staring at it? Have you imagined what a random sculpture or a depiction of modern day’s abstract art is all about? Well, if your answer is yes and you seem not to understand the hidden meanings behind artworks that artists try their […]

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