Celebrities 10 Best Things About Winters

Winters are fast approaching like a speed train and before you know it  you’ll be hit by a chill so cold,  you will freeze to your bone.


The fireplace, holding hands to keep warm. Yup winters is a great time to woo. The  weather ensures that you don’t get sweaty palms and pimply skin.


If you’re an avid photographer who wants to capture  nature at its purest, must do a photography  session in  winters.


In winters your wardrobe options keep on multiplying, there are coats, jackets, hats, boots, mittens and the list goes on and on.


Summers is all about fun filled activities so you don’t get that much time with family. Winter makes sure everyone is home before dark which means greater bonding moments with your loved ones


Its only this time of the year that  you  can enjoy  snow. Snow covers  everything and makes the world look beautiful.


Skiing, sledging, snowboarding and ice skating are all fun activities in winter. Winter brings a host of fun in the ice.


Just because it’s winters, let me warn you that is not reason enough to forget sunscreen.


Hot chocolate, cinnamon buns, pumpkin pies and sugar cookies. Winter brings an array of delicious cuisine that are only available in this frosty weather.


Winter brings with it thanksgiving, Christmas, new year, and valentine’s day. All events that are full of fun and festivities .


The deathly cold winter usually means that  insects  are perished and will not bug us ( no pun  intended) until summer.

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