Celebrities Compared Look with Strange Creatures

Posh Spice – Falcor

Flava Flav – Stripe

Ron Paul – Magneto

Pope Benedict – Darth Sidious

Mick Jagger – A batfish

John Kerry – Herman Munster

Jamie Hyneman – A Walrus

James Hetfield – Cowardly Lion

Tom Seleck – Red Baron

James Carville – Gollum

Jack Nicholson – Evil Grill

Fred Thompson – Vigo

Eddie Van Halen – Crazy Cat Lady

Donatella Versace – Janice the Muppet

The Crypt Keeper – Japanese Chin Mix

Cristopher Lloyd – Startled Mrsupial

Britney Spears – Mr. Freeze

Bill Gates – Janet Reno

George Bush – Chimpanzee

Nick Nolte – Cthulu

Wilford Brimley – Diabeetus Cat

Gary Busley – A Horse

Robert Smith – Chinese Crested

Avril Lavigne – Chris Crocker

Jack White – Michael Jacson

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