Celebrities Top 10 Life Ruining Movies

With the release of The Golden Compass approaching and people already comparing it to The Chronicles of Narnia or The Lord of The Rings.

1. Star Wars: Episodes IV, V, VI

For starters I really do like Star Wars, but there is a big difference between liking Star Wars and freaking loving Star Wars. When you like SW, you own the DVD set.

2. Star Wars: Episodes I, II, III

The only thing worse than socially inept fans of the original trilogy…are extremely socially inept fans of the ‘original’ trilogy prequel garbage thingy.

 3. Revenge of The Nerds

Why give hope to those who have none? Revenge of the Nerds was funny because nerds and cool people could both laugh at nerds and not feel bad about it.

4. Harry Potter

It was understandable when all those 13 year olds were dressing up as wizards and waiting in line for the next book or movie to be released. But now that those same people are 19 and still dressed as wizards.

 5. Weird Science

One of the worst offenders of ruining lives would have to be Weird Science. The film showed two nerds using their computer skills towards creating a supermodel type real life girl.

 6. The Lord of the Rings Trilogy

Again, these are films that I like, but don’t love. Some might argue about what film franchise is the greatest trilogy of them all, but most of the arguing would be over the internet and not with replica Aragorn swords versus lightsabers.

7. The Matrix

What is more annoying than nerds of the ring? Black leather trench coat wearing, sunglass sporting, hair slicking morons who think that they are somehow different than the rest of the world.

8. The Notebook

Not all men are created equal. Which is easy to say not all men are equal to Ryan Gosling. This movie just ruined the relationships of anyone between the ages of 15 and 30.

9. March of the Penguins

Who would have ever thought that this touching little documentary about cute cuddly penguins could have had an adverse effect on the populace.

10. You’ve Got Mail

What makes You’ve Got Mail so evil, is that it seriously skewed the voice of reason for millions of people. Sure you could go online and meet a nice, attractive, wealthy businessman who meets you in real life and falls madly in love with you.

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