Celebrities Top 10 Unexpected Movie Deaths

Every so often you’ll be watching a movie and all of a sudden somebody gets clipped. It’s a surprise for the viewer and generally more of a surprise for the movie character.

1. Uh Oh, No Soda.

This one of the early scenes in the atrocious, yet enjoyable Stephen King adaptation of “Trucks” called “Maximum Overdrive”.

2. Road Kill

This one is from the movie “Taken”. Peter is one of the henchmen involved with kidnapping girls. Bryan (Liam Neeson) confronts him in a cab outside the airport.

3. Opera

Dario Argento made some fantastic movies. Opera is no exception. The scene that stands out in this one (aside from the crow eating the eyeball) is where Betty is tied up by the murderer who tapes needles under her eyes, so she can’t blink. Her boyfriend comes back from making her a cup of tea to find her tied up.

4. Gas Station

I’m still undecided on the movie “Rubber”; I just don’t know what to make of it. One thing is for certain; it’s a highly unusual premise. A used tire comes to life and kills people with psychokinetic powers.

5. Oh Man, I Shot Marvin in the Face.

Pulp Fiction has some great moments, but none as good as this. Vincent and Jules are driving with Marvin in the backseat. They are having a philosophical debate about God’s intervention into the shooting that just took place back at the apartment.

6. Rooftop Dive

Before Matt Dillon got all cute and cuddly with “There’s Something About Mary”, he played a pretty decent villain in the 1991 version of “A Kiss Before Dying”.

7. Put a Fork in Him, He’s Done.

In the recent movie “Drive”, there is a scene towards the end where Bernie and Nino are discussing how to take care of business from here on in.

8. Oh No, Not Leo!

I found The Departed to be just OK, nothing really stood out for me except one scene. The elevator door opens as Marky Mark, formerly of the Funky Bunch, is talking to Leo Decaprio.

9. Los Bastardos

Most movies have elements of hope, aspiration, glory or triumph. This one wallows in misery and suffering. There is no redemption here at all. From the beginning it feels oppressive and hopeless. There are two elements of surprise that happen here.

10. Alien Chest Burst

This one has to be on the list because this scene was a total surprise for everyone in the room. The whole crew of the ship is sitting around the table having a meal. Everyone is in good spirits and Kane seems to have suffered no ill effects from his encounter with the “Face hugger”.

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