Celebrities Top 6 Best & Worst Superhero Costumes

Not every superhero outfit drawn in the pages of a comic book looks great on screen. Some can be replicated exactly from the printed page to movie.

1. The Phantom


There’s not really much to say about The Phantom’s outfit except that it’s very, very purple which makes it look very, very silly on screen. On page, the costume pops to life as he gallops through the jungle driving off poachers, illegal treasure hunters and all-around bad guys.

2. Spider-Man


Spider-man has had an unfair advantage over the other superheroes on this list. Other than Superman, he has had the most chances at having his superhero costume properly recreated.

3. Iron Man


Considering how bad the Iron Man armor could have looked and how well it actually turned out – while at the same time remaining faithful to the original – makes it all that more amazing.

4. Hawkman


He had the wings, he had the helmet, he even had the mace – but then they gave him a chest piece to wear under the straps and that’s where they lost it  (apparantly he didn’t even NEED the wings to fly, they were just decorative).

5. Fantastic Four


This was a case where following the comic outfit too slavishly turned out goofy and not even close to cool. Sure they opened up Invisible Girl’s neck piece to show off her cleavage and The Thing’s “rock suit” was pretty darned good but honestly, all the characters in their sleek blue accessory-less jumpsuits just looked silly.

6. Batman/Robin/Batgirl


There have been many attempts at bringing Batman and Robin’s superhero costumes to life, going back as far as the 1940s. Although the early renditions were very campy, they pale in comparison to the replicas in modern movies.

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