Celebrities Top Five Space Elevator Reality Or Myth!

Japan’s Obayashi Corporation introduced the concept of a vehicle into space. This will be a space elevator from Earth to orbit.

1. There are not enough strong material for cable


The load on the cable can exceed 100 000 kg / m, so the material for its manufacture must have a very high strength to resist stretching, and with a very low density.

2. Susceptibility to harmful vibrations


A cable will be susceptible to unpredictable gusts of solar wind – under its influence, he will bend and it will adversely affect the stability of the lift. As stabilizers can be attached to the cable micromotors, but this measure will create additional difficulties in the maintenance building.

3. Coriolis force


Cable and “climbers” stationary relative to the surface of the Earth. But with respect to the center of the Earth object will move with speed 1700 km / h at the surface and 10 000 km / h in orbit. Accordingly, the “climbers” When you start necessary to give this speed.
4. Satellites and space debris


Over the past 50 years, humans have launched into space set of objects – and not very useful. Or the builders will have to lift it to find and remove (which is impossible, given the amount of useful satellite or space telescope), or introduce a system that protects the lens from collisions.

5. Social and environmental risks


Space elevator could become the object of a terrorist attack. Successful sabotage operations cause great damage and can bury the whole project, so that together with the lift will have to build around it and around the clock defense.

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