Celebrities Top Ten Most Fiercely Fit Female

She embraces her curves, and says she’s proud not to fit into the size zero mold.
1 . Miranda Kerr
fiercely-fit-female-celebs19701388962 . Kate Middleton

fiercely-fit-female-celebs19203943993 . Lady Gaga

fiercely-fit-female-celebs-18741956214 . Reese Witherspoon

fiercely-fit-female-celebs15532434585 . Madonna

fiercely-fit-female-celebs-14787730146 . Jennifer Hudson

fiercely-fit-female-celebs-13704665607. Jennifer Aniston

fiercely-fit-female-celebs-12168544738 . Jessica Biel

fiercely-fit-female-celebs-11011256229 . Michelle Obama

fiercely-fit-female-celebs-47580403310 . Katy Perry


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