Common Norton Antivirus Problems Solved By Norton 360 2013

Regardless of how you use the Internet, you will undoubtedly encounter a malicious website, harmful coding, or a clever identity thief. Since these negative encounters on the Internet are so prevalent, you need to protect yourself with a good antivirus program regardless of how casual your Internet use may be, and Norton has been the antivirus program of choice for many years. With their recent Norton 360 2013 product, they have offered solutions to previous flaws in their antivirus protection.

A primary problem that existed in previous versions of Norton 360 involved the Norton firewall blocking access to certain websites, especially those that required JavaScript. Norton’s firewall frequently viewed these websites as being a threat. In previous versions of Norton 360, you may have received a message with the error of “Server Not Found” if you tried to use a browser that was not supported. These problems were solvable by adjusting the Norton settings in the older versions of Norton. The current product uses the Threat-removal Layer and the five-layer Norton Protection System to more accurately determine what constitutes a threat.

Another flaw that previously existed required you to install a patch to cover up flaws that would otherwise allow hackers to infiltrate your computer. Symantec offered the security patch through its Live Updates in 2004. With the current Norton 360 2013 product, a security patch is no longer necessary. In fact, the Download Insight 2.0, Anti-phishing technology, and Vulnerability Protection aspects are designed to prevent hackers from infiltrating your computer. Norton also features continual updates which automatically download without you needing to do anything.

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