Dancing Wind Optical Illusion

It was a long and busy weekend for me here. Just to keep you informed, I’m thinking of moving my office(where Mighty Optical Illusions website is maintained) to separate location from my own department. So even though there wasn’t much work on the site itself (for the last 3 days), the work being done still involved this site.

Anyway, for today I dug one of the Rob Gonsalves’s surreal paintings we missed posting before. In the same way Rob managed to fluidly transform his Ships into Aqueduct, as well as seamlesly mergedCamels with Palm Trees, this time he pulled something simmilar with dancing couples. How many newly wed couples can you count in the picture below? On the other hand, how many pairs of curtains do you see? When you add all the courtains and all the couples together, is the number corresponding to the rel sum of white objects in this painting?

gonsalves dancing wind Dancing Wind Optical Illusion

Dancing Wind Optical Illusion

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