Most Dangerous Roads In The World

Have you ever thought about travelling on the most dangerous roads in the world? There are many roads in this hook and corner of the world that are interesting looking in just one look. After viewing such roads a person probably forget blinking their eyes. They might seem out to be horrible in one look but at the same time they give away the feel of fascination and adventurous as well. Do you want to know that where all such dangerous roads are fall on this earth? Well in this article we are highlighting about some of the most dangerous roads in the world.


1.      This very first picture of the dangerous roads has been taken from Guoliang Tunnel Road in China. The interesting about this road is that it has been placed in between the mountains of China. It is carved from the edges that make it look much horrible for others. This road is even said to be the Halloween road as well and sometimes it is even used for the traffic purposes as well.

2.      This second pictures belongs to the Karakoram Highway in Pakistan. This highway is also known as “Friendship Highway”. This highway has been said to be the highest paved international roads in the entire planet. It connects the Pakistan along with China. As this road is the risk factor for the passengers therefore very less number of people travel by vehicle from this road. But still it is one of the most basic attractions of the tourists.

3.      On the third number we will mention about the James Dalton Highway in Alaska. This road has been extent to 667 km. It starts from Elliott Highway, north of Fairbanks, and ends at Deadhorse near the Arctic Ocean and the Prudhoe bay oil fields Jalalabad–Kabul Road, Afghanistan. It is surrounded by the glaciers that make it look dangerous and at the same time interesting too.

4.      This fourth dangerous road has been set up in Afghanistan at the place of Jalalaad at Kabul Road. It is 65 km long that is connecting the boundaries of Kabul with the Taliban Territory. This road has been said to be the most dangerous ones because of its carved paths and edges. It’s narrow and winding lanes have always forced the people to avoid using this road through vehicles.

5.      This fifth and last dangerous road has been placed in North Yungas Roads in Bolivia. This road has also been famous as the “Road of Death”. According to the reports it has been stated that each year there are almost 200-300 passengers that lost their lives by travelling through this road.

Well this was the list of some of the most horrifying and dangerous roads in the whole world. We are sure that after looking out all such pictures you must have fallen in love with the roads. But at the same time you must have wished that you would never have travelled by this road ever in your lifetime.

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