Everything about deviantART, Inc. for Artists

deviantART is an online group showcasing different manifestations of artists from around the world. It was initiated on August 7, 2000 by Angelo Sotira mainly along with Scott Jarkoff and Matthew Stephens amongst others. deviantART, Inc. is headquartered in Hollywood, Los Angeles, California, USA.

deviantART aims to give a stage to any artist who wants to come front and showcase his artistic talents, be they in any relevant field of arts. The work showcased by the artists are classified into various categorical structures, including photography, literature, traditional art, digital art, Flash, application skins, filmmaking, customization for operating systems and much more. Also available are various downloadable resources like stock photography and online tutorials for those who are interested in learning. Added features to the site also include diaries, surveys and options to create and manage portfolios as well. “Fella,” a little, devilesque mechanical character, is the official deviantART mascot.

Why is deviantART So Popular?

There is a lot about deviantART that makes it so cool. The added features, the raving artists’ community, the easy platform for struggling artists or those waiting to showcase their work and much more all make deviantART a fun-filled and exciting platform online. However, usually when people talk about what makes a company so cool, the actual reference is to those who are working behind the scenes to keep it that way, which in this case is Angelo Sotira.

Here are some very useful works and some counsel from Mr. Angelo Sotira on developing a solid organization and keeping it on the top like deviantART:

  • Listen to your staff and clients.
  • Keep the innovation and ideas coming, as advancement is a device for development.
  • Develop naturally.
  • When running your business, it’s imperative to be encompassed by counsels and keen individuals who know more than you.
  • You never know enough about your business – go out on a limb, commit errors and improve.

If one follow these constructive advices, perhaps they can themselves actually create and maintain a company that is as cool and as happening as deviantART. A person like Angelo Sotira, who values the advices and ideas of his counselors and workers, is definitely bound to grow and run a company as cool as deviantART.

The platform still welcomes all those who have something unique to showcase to the world. You can also give your skills a try. Perhaps deviantART will make you cool and happening in front of the world as well.

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