Dubai Visit over Helicopter

World Mall of Dubai … In Dubai I arendoval helicopter and on complex proletel World, stroyascheysya palmoy with the Hotel Atlantys headed, city and neboskrebamy, stable Sheikh, hotels sail, Burj Al-Arab, most more  Center Mall of Dubai and, of course, close to most building in the High in the world – Burj Dubai …

For walks, I arendoval Eurocopter EC130. Actually, he vmeschaet 6 passengers – 2 forward and 4 rear. But in this case  be уверенным that you dostanetsya seat forward.So all had to zafrahtovat


In one of  broadcast from Dubai, I have publykoval map of Dubai. Repeat here again. If you look at the map, then we began our tour in the lower right corner, above rechkoy proletely uphill, then the poletely nalevo of complex artificial islands “Mir”, over and around hotels palmoy Atlantys for palmoy ushly on the map below and return back on by land and neboskrebamy everyone.

At the forefront of golf club in Dubai, as well in the center vydneetsya Dubai airport and torchaschye Hotels Perepelochka  – is already Sharjah:

Bay Dubai. At the forefront of a new Green Vetka subway. Opening is scheduled for the end of next year:

Port Rashid: District Bur Dubai, well – Port Rashid:

Ships right s Orange truboy – is Queen Elizabeth 2 out of which plan to make шикарный hotel and pryshvartovat him in пальмы. A намытые land case – a A third palm Palm Deira, the construction in which the moment is frozen:

Left – The second largest chastnaya yacht in the world, prynadlezhaschaya Sheikh of Dubai (as in Bolshaya Roman Abramovich) and the right costs support:

The World: Complex artificial islands The World:

Large island below – is Australia. There are planning to build a complex :

Each island represents himself kakuyu of some countries or the mainland. For example, under our United Kingdom and Ireland, and vdaleke group – a Greenland:

South America:

One island has been built to the end and operates:

Vnachale his yspolzovaly for advertising, and then Sheikh gave his daughter’s own way:

TELEVIK I participate in a helicopter banned, so as I withdraw Natalia rooms Sheikh, so that the island had to to cut out  photos:

At the moment, sold only 30% islands (Zoom  words):

Proletely past characters Dubai – Hotel Burj Al Arab – “From I too delal report:

Podletely k s the Hotel Palme Atlantys headed:

Made a circle around Atlantysa. K nemu vedet первая to near the road east of monorelsovaya:

At this time I thought: “And, Maybe, things in this New Year the Hotel?”. In return obnaruzhyl were surprised that on their site of free nomerov already there. Ozadachyl of his agent. Result obeskurazhyl me. In this Week the Hotel next to his wife and detmy oboshlas I would be in the 12 480 dollars. Had to abandon this idea:

Dubai Marina: Proletely neboskrebov along the Dubai Marina area and of our of hotel:

Golf Sheikh:

There trenyruyutsya horse. After trenyrovok horse ostuzhayut prodolhovatom in the basin, postroennom specifically for them.

Mall of Emirates: At the forefront vyden Mall of Emirates with huge serebrystoy truboy  slope:

WASTELAND right – Dubayskaya polytseyskaya Academy. Its going to snesty and build on its place a new district.

Dubai Marina. In a large territory between Dubai Marina and Burj Dubai very much industrial postroek. In the future their going to snosyt and in their place wants to build a building of more than 1 kilometers in height:

Podletaem for the new symbol of Dubai – the most in the world of high building in the height of 818 meters – Burj Dubai:

Huge ploskoe low and the building of Burj Dubai – is one of the most more of consumer centers in the world – Dubai Mall with hyhantskym okeanaryumom ext. Every evening is being held here fantastic show fountains. Delala ego and the same company, and that in Las Vegas, only with more razmahom. In the next article I will show photos,  of this during the show:

Photos, which is so pleased everyone. In resolving its more than you can download here:

Emirates Towers: Central Road Dubai, Sheih Zaid Road, visible-Gemini Tower Emirates Towers:

Shortly he promised выложить свои photographs of Bhutan and Dubai:

The first appeared in the Automotive Road kingdom of Bhutan in the 1960th year. Machine was, but  can not always, and someone pryhodytsya pyatytsya to the expansion of the road. The next post I Sobral photos,  from the windows of our bus.. Also, many ynteresovalys butanskoy kitchen. I photographed in detail all the dishes during one of obedov. Stay Tuned! Stay Tuned!

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