Earning a Decent Living with Who Pays Artists

It is undoubtedly very tricky to bring home the bacon as a craftsman or to put in simpler words, to earn as an artist. It doesn’t make a difference whether you are a cameraman or a musical artist, painter or stone carver, not many individuals get rich by making fine art. It’s much harder frequently to evaluate how to charge for your work, your specialty and that’s where artists fail to price their own hard work fairly and often end up getting meager amounts for their masterpieces.

As I would see it, this is a point everybody ought to be more mindful of: Artists make our reality bright and fun and I think it is awful that these innovative individuals don’t get paid enough intermittently. Consider not paying a plumber or an electrician doing chores around the house; nobody would even think of that, but when it comes to a photographer, he just presses a button, so why should he be paid highly? That’s what we think, isn’t it? A photographic artist simply presses a button and captures a picture, isn’t that right?

But have you ever thought how would you put a sticker on your vision? Your inventiveness? Presently, there is a route for artists everywhere to actually charge their services as they ought to be charged. To earn like any other professional would do in the corporate field and thus, to make a decent living for yourselves doing what you enjoy doing or perhaps what you are best at.

How? Through Who Pays Artists

Who Pays Artists is a page dedicated to artists and their earnings. Here, artists can share their experience and what they got paid for a certain job. Artists can now compare their works and earnings with other professional artists, be it photographers, musicians, painters etc. They can then price their own work likewise. The page Who Pays Artists is inspired by Who Pays Writers, a platform which helped writers earn decent living by recognizing their own talent and their own worth.

If you think creativity and passion cannot pay your bills, you are certainly wrong. If you are passionate about something, there isn’t a better profession for you to adopt and make a living out of what you enjoy. If you are a novice in the field, perhaps you can try visiting Who Pays Artists, get a comparison on rates and stuff and start pricing your work accordingly as well.

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